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STASIS Digs For Maybe, Possibly Kickstarter Victory

They mostly back at night, mostly

Update - well, that was quick. 'Tis funded.

It's going to be a highly stressful four days for Christopher and Nicolas Bischoff, who are presumably right now staring at the big $98,927 number on the STASIS Kickstarter page and praying it'll tick just a little higher, up to the magic $100,000 that will secure the gothic sci-fi pointerclicker's funding and future. 56 more people backing the entry-level Digital Edition tier would do it, according to my calculator. Having done some perfunctory maths, I am now exhausted and must sleep for a while. I'll return later.






mmmfffgrrahah NO DON'T TAKE MY ELBOWS grrnnnarrrr what where I am? What year is this? Who's the president?

Ugh. Sorry, must have dozed off there for a minute. STASIS, was it? Ah yes. Pretty good shot of making it, I'd have thought, but there have been a few Kickstarter horror stories where games fall just short of their goal and end up with diddly-squat.

While $100,000 does seem a lot of money to ask for a game whose demo suggests the meat of this Alien'n'The Dig-inspired meal is already in place, what does exist is impressive enough (especially in terms of atmosphere and tone) that I'm certainly not going to begrudge them it.

Since we last posted, they've brought Fallout composer Mark Morgan onboard for music duties, and they've released this new bait'n'switch trailer to stare at:

I'll be very surprised if this doesn't make it. And even if it doesn't, at least we'll have a new cautionary tale to bore people with when we hold forth about Kickstarter.

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