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All Right Sweethearts, What Are You Waiting For? STASIS

We've got the wacky, surrealistic end of the 90s point'n'click adventure game spectrum covered all over again, but what about the horror side of things? Back when we were laughing at monkeys or sending hamsters through time, we could also opt for a real downer with the likes of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Gabriel Knight, Sanitarium and Darkseed. STASIS is a new take on this old darkness, a 2D, isometric sci-fi horror adventure (horenture?) with impressively lavish graphics and suitably scary noises. It really does look rather good, in a frightening sort of way.

Set in an abandoned research facility, it has overtones of Alien but, it appears, a more psychological kind of menace. Let's have a look. Warning: features a teddy bear. I know that's a common phobia among the RPS readership. Also, you should watch this in fullscreen and HD if you can.

And some in-game footage, if that was all a bit too vague for you. This is the first five minutes of the game:

One more trailer for luck:

Looking good, I think. More details may be found here. No sign of a release date just yet, which is understandable given this is a one-man project from Chris Bischoff, being developed as "an extreme labour of love."

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