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It's A Post-Apocalyptic Africa From The Creators Of STASIS (And Another Peek At Free Side-story Cayne)

*giraffe noises*

The makers of STASIS, the cyber-gothic adventure game which Alec thought was just dandy, have revealed their new game, Beautiful Desolation [official site]. We don’t know much except that it will be set in a post-apocalyptic Africa in which giraffes have grotesque bulb heads (see above to recoil in horror), but we do have this short trailer and more news on their free follow-up to STASIS.

Cover image for YouTube video

Horny. The website also offers some clue about the character you may be playing as in the new game, saying: “He is not from this place or time...” The South African developers, Brotherhood, will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon.

Meanwhile, they’ve also released another trailer for Cayne [official site], a short free addition to the STASIS story, following mother-to-be Hadley after she wakes up in a horrifying medical facility after “what she thought was a routine procedure”.

Cover image for YouTube video

It's going to be a self-contained story within the same sci-fi horror world, and is promised to be spoiler-free for anyone who hasn’t played the original and wants to test the (murky) water. It’s going to be much shorter too, at about one and a half hours, but hopefully the devs will have learned to stay away from the point and click pitfalls Alec pointed out in his review – there were some classically frustrating puzzles and quicktime-style deaths right before lengthy and unskippable exposition.

No word on an exact release, but we are told Cayne will be out before the end of the year. As for the giraffe-things of Beautiful Desolation, we don’t know yet. We’ll tell you later.

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