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Battlestar Evelikia: Entropy

it's after your starbucks

Claiming that your game "brings fast, real-time, player-controlled space combat to the space MMO genre for the first time" is probably not the wisest opening salvo, because... Well, I'm not sure it really needs saying. Instead I'll say that this post brings human-written words to the videogaming blogging genre for the first time and see how seriously you take me.

Such marketingballs aside, Entropy, a space MMO from the creators of Battlestar Galactica Online, sounds like the right stuff - a poppier, glossier, dogfightier Eve, perhaps. It's out on Early Access now.

Go go Galacticky trailer:

I'll try and take a look at some point, but in the meantime here's this summary. Imagine it read by this voice for added dramatic effect:

"Set in a future where humanity is desperately working to maintain a crumbling interstellar civilisation, Entropy unlocks more than 100 detailed star systems for early access players to explore. In addition to fighting in space-based dogfights, players also have to work together and manage trade, mining, travel and more, controlling both the direction and fate of the entire galaxy. The decision to provide players with Early Access to Entropy during this phase of development will allow crucial feedback to be gathered, enabling gameplay to be enriched as it progresses towards full launch."

Buying 'Founders' Packs' gets you access to the game now, along with other bits and bobs depending on how much you want to pay. And this isn't the most inspiring line I've ever read: "Players who purchase either of the top two packages also receive the extra benefit of not having their experience and wealth reset when the game comes out of Early Access." Which seems to suggest that wiping other players' progress is a matter of choice rather than technical necessity, doesn't it?

Basic access is £15, and those 'top two tiers' are £30 and £76 respectively. The absurd price of the latter does include two additional copies of the game to give/sell to chums, however. More details on what you get in each here.

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