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Drive By Truckers: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod

We got a little ol' convoy.

I tried not to post this, but I can't help myself. Even as I get my paws on one multiplayer retrofit with Just Cause 2's multiplayer mod, another appears on the horizon. I'm going to be stalking the Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer mod until it gets released. Come and watch the development video below for some hot convoy action.

There are two things that need to happen here.

First, the blurb on the mod's site mentions the expansive joys of using a CB radio while you truck. In which case, I want roleplaying servers where players use actual CB radio trucker slang. "Back off the hammer, bulldog," I'll say to Adam. "Crotch rockets comin' up." Heck, I say that to him every day anyway.

Second, I want an ambient multiplayer mode that like Dark Soul's invasion mechanic. If you're not familiar with it, it allows other players to force their way into your Dark Souls game, with the aim of hacking you to bits. Can you imagine the ETS2 equivalent? You deliver a haul to Cardiff after a two hour drive. You're tired, and you think nothing of truck parked on the horizon when you first see it. It's a few minutes later that you notice that it's following you. Add a station wagon mode and you can begin to see where I'm going with this.

There are more videos of the mod on the ETS2MP YouTube channel, or you can follow development on the mod's forums. Here's my favourite truck-related song to tide you over between now and release. .

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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