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Euro Truck Simulator 2's Russia DLC has been indefinitely postponed

In light of the invasion of Ukraine

Euro Truck Simulator 2's next DLC was going to be headed to Russia, with signifcant work on creating the vast country already finished. Now developers SCS Software say that they've decided not to release the expansion, "so that it is not perceived in any way as being in support of or tolerance of the aggression."

"When developing our games we try to be as apolitical as possible, in a way shielding the global player audience from everyday controversies. We quite like the idea that our shared passion, for a truck simulation, allows people to connect, to pay a virtual visit to a neighbouring country in peace, and to enjoy a hobby that we commonly share, rather than allowing anything divisive to set us apart," wrote SCS in a blog post announcing the decision. "But since our DLC, Heart of Russia, directly concerns Russia, and with so many people suffering, we decided to refrain from releasing the DLC so that it is not perceived in any way as being in support of or tolerance of the aggression."

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The post notes that when Russia invaded Ukraine back in February, the Heart Of Russia DLC was only 6-8 weeks away from completion. At that point, SCS Software say they began contributing to charities offering humanitarian aid within Ukraine, including contributing profits from all sales of the 'Ukrainian Paint Jobs Pack' DLC.

While the Hearts Of Russia DLC won't be released soon, SCS Software do end the post by suggesting it could still be released somewhere down the line.

"We strongly believe that there is hope for the proud people of Ukraine to prevail and for the suffering to end for all," concludes the post. "Injustice cannot and must not win. And, when the time comes for Ukraine to rebuild and heal, then we will endeavour to find a way for our Heart of Russia DLC to play whatever part it can in that healing process, for everyone."

Parts of Russia are already present in Euro Truck Simulator 2, having been added via the Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC. Heart Of Russia was due to add much of the rest of the country, including Moscow.

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