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Watch 20 minutes of Euro Truck Simulator 2's Heart Of Russia DLC

A relaxing drive

I have spent hours watching trucking videos on YouTube. I enjoy watching the scenery roll past the window of people hauling freight while I'm working.

It's just as relaxation when the scenery is virtual. SCS Software have just released 20 minutes of the next expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, Heart Of Russia, showing the journey from Vyazma to Kaluga.

Here's the video:

Watch on YouTube

No single item in ETS is particularly detailed in terms of polygons. Look at any single tree and you can see the flat textures it's constructed out of. Instead, it's beautiful as a whole, those low-poly trees stretching to the horizon and surrounded by accurate bushes, farm fences, crummy bus stops, road signs and gas stations. It's a wholly believable world.

You can get a taste for the level of detail from a blog post by the developers which explores the creation of region signs and "entrance monuments" which mark the start of cities in Russia. These statues, most often made of concrete, come in unique shapes and the development team have accurately reconstructed a ton of them.

Previous ETS DLC Beyond The Baltic Sea already featured St. Petersburg, but Heart Of Russie aims to cover the bulk of the rest of the country, including Moscow and into the European Plain. It currently has no release date, but there are lots more screenshots up on Steam.

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