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See Euro Truck Simulator 2's upcoming Iberian Peninsula map

17 minutes of gentle roads and lovely cab noises

You probably shouldn’t watch this Euro Truck Simulator 2 update video while operating heavy machinery. This showcase of the new Iberia Peninsula (“Ibby Penny” to its friends) map expansion shows a short hop from the port in Algeciras to Malaga, perhaps delivering boxed copies of the very expansion they’re showing off in the video? Anyway, it will gently lull you into a trucky torpor as the player winds through the Spanish roads, so please don’t watch and drive.

One thing that struck me while I was watching the video is a moment about 8 minutes in, where the truck pulls into a toll booth and rolls a window down. "Excellent role-playing," I said to my cat. As it happens, the developers are incredibly proud of their toll technology, and wrote a specific update about it: “The Iberia DLC will feature an array of different toll booth designs and technologies, from the slower traditional tolls with barriers, to the latest in toll road technology; overhead cameras reading every vehicle's tags without them needing to slow down!”

The usual pattern of ETS2 map releases was disrupted last year as developers SCS switched to a remote working set-up while overhauling the game’s lighting system. It caused a bit of a traffic jam during development and the expected December release date came and went. Until the 1.40 update arrives with the new tech, the DLC will be idling in a lay-by, eating manky sandwiches. It’s quite an overhaul, according to SCS: “Changes to our lighting system is a massive project. Intensities of all the light sources in the games are now representative of real-world values, with the appropriate difference of orders of magnitude between the sun and the lightbulb.”

That was a rather long way of saying we don't know when it'll be out, but the video shows the lighting is coming along nicely.

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