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SCS Software are testing multiplayer for American and Euro Truck Sim 2

The Convoy game mode will add official multiplayer support

Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator developers SCS Software are still at work on their official multiplayer support for both truck sims. The Convoy game mode will let up to eight players hop in a private session together to complete jobs on the open road with synced traffic and weather. It's still in an experimental state, SCS warn, but they've made the first version available on a beta branch for those who are determined to go on a test drive.

SCS say that update 1.41 is the first iteration of the Convoy mode. "We have a long list of improvements and features already collected to consider for future major updates, and we are sure more suggestions will come," they say.

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Here's what the experimental version of the Convoy mode allows for so far:

  • Any player can host and create their own private sessions for up to 8 people
  • Ability to haul the same contracts/jobs together from the same company and to the same destination
  • Synchronized AI traffic
  • Synchronized time and weather
  • Synchronized paint jobs, truck accessories, cabin accessories, and more
  • Ability to communicate with other drivers via CB radio broadcast (X key), quick replies (Q key), or text chat (Y key)

"There is also an option, before you leave the Convoy, to restore your game progress to a previous save game state, which may be handy if you are not happy with what happened to your truck, cargo, or wallet during your Convoy driving session," SCS say, while looking directly at that one co-op pal in the group, I imagine.

SCS have outlined all the other current features and known issues in the Convoy game mode over in their forum post. That's also where they've handed out details on unlocking the experimental branch if you're keen to see the work in progress for yourself.

SCS do also mention that they've not widely promoted the experimental branch just yet in order to manage expectations. Do be patient then if you decide to try it out and find yourself on a bumpy road, as it were.

Digital truckers have already been playing together for years thanks to Truckers MP, one of the best Euro Truck Sim 2 mods. It's swell to see players getting to go hands on with the official multiplayer support though.

Previously in trucking news, both ETS2 and ATS have recently gotten fancier lighting. ETS2 most recently launched that Iberian DLC adding Spain and Portugal to the map while ATS is looking forward to a Wyoming DLC.

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