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American Truck Simulator's next expansion is Wyoming

We're off to the Cowboy state!

As American Truck Simulator continues to expand the map eastward across the United States with new DLC, the next stop will be in Wyoming. Ah, the Cowboy State! The tenth-largest state in the contiguous US yet the least populous. Gonna be so long lonely days on the trail, partner. But they might be lovely days, seeing as Wyoming includes parts of the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone national park. Not that I expect to be doing deliveries directly into hot springs. That would be an environmental disaster.

The announcement includes a fair number of work-in-progress screenshots, including a peek at some future tech. SCS explain, "as you can see, all of them taken in the new light system. Please be double sure to keep in mind that everything shown is under heavy development and might not represent the final product."

Wyoming might be a way away, as SCS do say "this DLC has only just begun to take shape." For now, you can wishlist it on Steam.

SCS have lately been releasing two state expansions per year, with 2020 bring Idaho then Colorado. I quite like that they're creeping across the USA, rather than jumping around adding the most famous ones. With this pace and direction, we're forcibly exposed to the oft-forgotten 'flyover states', taking our time to get to know and appreciate them. Yeah, I'd like to truck through an autumnal Vermont, but what do I know about Nebraska? Nothing. It'll be nice to find out. And maybe this will be exposure therapy, helping me with the deep unease I feel when I see dusty, gravelly landscapes.

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