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Go Native: Europa Universalis IV Introduces New World

Brave new worlds

I haven't returned to the fields of European conquest since the weeks immediately after Europa Universalis IV's release, because my Austrian struggles seemed like a personal canonical history I couldn't repeat or replace. The Conquest of Paradise expansion might lure me back with a new world of promise, however. It's due for release on January 14th, and a new developer diary video below explains the mechanics you'll play with if you want to take control of the Native American tribes.

As Adam reported last month, Conquest of Paradise's coolest feature might be that it can randomly generated the new world for you. If you don't want to know where the new lands are on the map, ticking a box will create a new landmass in a random location, so you can stumble across it accidentally while sending fleets out to land somewhere else. Like India, maybe.

If you decide you want to start on the new landmass though, the new tweaks sound like they'll keep it interesting for you. I especially like the sound of the nomadic-style tribes described in the video above, in which you can continually up sticks and move to a new province, gaining in power every time you do.

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