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Report: Bethesda Casting Voice Actors For Fallout 4

Probably not a hoax this time!

All of that Fallout 4 build-up was a giant hoax. Let's face it: Fallout 4 will probably never happen. I mean, why would anyone make a sequel to a massively successful reinvention of a legendary franchise? It just doesn't make any sense. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up or fashioned a suit of power armor out of my ultra-sexy 2007 Honda Fit or any of that. It was all for naught... unless! It actually wasn't for naught at all. Of course Bethesda is making Fallout 4, and Kotaku's obtained some casting documents that allegedly prove it. Also included: possible first story details.

Kotaku claims that it's been able to confirm that the documents are real, though Bethesda declined to comment. The project is codenamed "Institute," which you might recognize as the name of Fallout's version of MIT. Between that and a number of other locations mentioned in scripts and character descriptions, it seems like the game will be set in and around Boston, Massachusetts - aka, The Commonwealth.

Other interesting details include background on the player character, for whom Bethesda is seeking male and female voices. That alone seems to suggest that "you" could function as a more fleshed-out, vocal presence in this one. At the very least, though, your character will be taking over opening monologue duties. Sorry, Ron Perlman.

Apparently you begin the game by awakening from cryo-sleep, a living relic of times not cracked and scarred by impossible desperation. "War. War never changes," your character narrates - presumably prior to entering cryo-sleep - before launching into a tale of nuclear power, the unraveling of the American Dream, and the beginning of "total war." He/she was once in the army and fears that their family won't be safe in these increasingly troubled times. Unless their spouse and child end up being in the pods right next to them, I imagine their "told you so" will ring pretty hollow.

Other characters revealed include a radio DJ named Travis Miles and an engineer described as "a cross between Vin Diesel and Buddy Holly." However, all of these details could end up entirely moot given that game development is less a smooth road and more of, well, an unpredictable wasteland. Also, non-finalized details are sometimes fabricated for casting calls to give actors something to work with, so that's a possibility as well.

So take it all with a grain of salt for now. Still though, we could well be looking at the first concrete information on the next Fallout. What do you think?

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