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Life Is Beta: Starbound Out Today

You can't keep the the sky from meeeee...

For what seems like years and years and *checks torn calendar pages* years (it was actually Feb 2012), the Starbound website has mockingly invited us to Play Starbound. But we couldn't play, could we? It was not out, yet. That unfulfilled entreaty caused me to go into a bit of a emotional loop, where I'd click the site, get sad, leave, and then click it again. I'm doing it right now, but only as a final hurrah. The first part of the Starbound beta is out today. To whet your loins and gird your appetite, there is a trailer below.

Finally, we shall all have adventures in strange, procedurally-generated planets! We'll heft jetpacks onto our backs, grab the nearest musical instrument, and bop till we drop.

This is the first of three major beta pushes the game will have. Expect bugs and potential save incompatibilities in tonight's version, and it will have the sandbox mode but not the quest line. Stage two will be largely complete, and will be about squashing bugs. Still no quest, though. Stage three is all the quest all the time, baby! There's no timeline to these events, but as long as the game runs I'll be in there from the beginning.

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