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Starbound adds bounty hunters with banana heads, rare new monsters

Poison Smoglin! Electric Skimbus!

Starbound yesterday launched a new update, and it features bounty hunters with giant bananas for heads. The last bounty I hunted ended in a brutal massacre the likes of which that outback desert town had never seen. You thought I was going to make a cute joke about chocolate, didn't you? Do not cross me, vagrant. Instead, take in a light spot of the trailer below:

The main feature of the Bounty Hunter Update looks to be the titular hunting of bounties. Procedural quests allow players to hunt down criminal gangs across planets and solar systems. There's new boss fights, quests, micro dungeons, and player promotions.

There's also new rare elemental monsters to capture and collect. Here are some names I like from the list: Poison Smoglin, Fire Oogler, Electric Quagmutt, Ice Ringram, and my new band name,  Electric Skimbus. I don't know what any of these lads look like, but I would already die for them in an instant.

I haven't had the pleasure of playing the much beloved Starbound myself, although Nate recently called it a "delightful 2D explore 'em up."

You can find the full list of features in the 1.4 update on the official Starbound site here, and purchase Starbound on Steam and GOG. Happy hunting!

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