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Play Duke Nukem 3D Forever With Steam Workshop Support

Always bet on mods

Want to play Duke Nukem forever? No, not Forever, the infamous, trashy, awful recent sequel. I mean, do you want to spend an eternity playing Duke Nukem 3D, the spirited, mechanically inventive, first-person shooter that made the King's name in the first place? The Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition released back in March has just added Steam Workshop support and made it easier to mod and play mods for the game than in its previous sixteen year history.

Duke Nukem 3D was once a bustling hive of modding activity, and even in recent years has played home to some impressive work such as this mod based on Duke Nukem Forever's 2001 E3 trailer. The productivity of the community at the time was due to the ease of building in the Build engine and its simple map editor.

Now that these old games are being modernised, I'm curious whether the modding communities that once flourished beneath them re-emerge in some form. The simpler geometry of its environments makes a game like Duke Nukem 3D a potentially great entry-level tools for people who want to get into first-person shooter design. To that end, the dev team have put together a guide on how to publish to the Workshop for those who do want to get involved. If you'd rather just play instead, the Workshop already contains over 60 new maps.

Here's the original launch trailer from the Megaton edition:

The game is 75% off until December 16th, making it just £1.74 to find out why people once cared so much about the series.

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