January 2013 Archive

    1. Wot I Think: Antichamber
    2. Offworld Survival: Refactored Explain Unclaimed World
    3. Indie Royale's Evolved Bundle Emerges Onto Land
    4. Do You Have A Flag? Battlefield 3's End Game
    5. It's Your Daily Dead Space 3 Trailer
    6. Lume Sequel Lumino City Looks Incredible
    7. Electron-ic Gaming: Sokobond Trailer Has Chemistry
    8. Patriotic: Bioshock Infinite's City In The Sky (Trailer)
    9. War Torn: EA Shouldn't Have Cancelled Medal Of Honor
    10. Microprose Now Making Special Forces: Team X
    11. Promising: WoW Movie Snags Moon, Source Code Director
    12. Tactical Strike: ArmA Goes Full XCOM On Nvidia's Shield
    13. Defiance Gets Release Date, Defies Subscription Fees
    14. Well, Looks Like That's It For Medal Of Honor, Then
    1. Wot I Think: Skulls Of The Shogun
    2. Jason Rohrer Reveals The Castle Doctrine, Part 1
    3. Could Being A Neverwinter Founder Make You Drow-sy?
    4. Dirty Bomb In Closed Alpha, Which Is Apparently A Thing
    5. Wot I Think: Proteus
    6. Wot I Think: Cognition, Episodes 1 & 2
    7. Hmm: EA's Holding Back A Lot For SimCity Deluxe
    8. Microsoft Surface Pro Uses Two-Thirds Storage For Itself
    9. Supreme Desktop Commander: Wildman's Mad Mod Tools
    10. Reimagining Evil: Ninja Theory On DmC's Cultural Satire
    11. Insane Torchlight II Mod Adds New Class, Monsters, Raids
    12. Nvidia Uses Hawken To Show Off PhysX Clevers
    13. You Must Be This Existent To Ride The Dungeonland
    14. Brian Reynolds Emerges Through Zynga's Revolving Doors
    15. Beta Not Cry: Crysis 3 Open Beta Begins
    1. THQ, Wildman, & The Problem Of Voting With Our Wallets
    2. A Hearty Dollop Of Global Game Jam Goodness
    3. Now That's What I Call Platforming: Rush Bros
    4. Dead Spin: Yes, The PC Deserves A Better Dead Space 3
    5. Turn-Based Pac-Man: Gates Of Rath
    6. Warren Spector's Junction Point Closes
    7. DotAbsolution: See Sins Of A Dark Age In Motion
    8. One Accidental Jump Later: One Of EVE's Biggest Battles
    9. In Which You Are Definitely Not A Tadpole: Tadpole
    10. Mass Regret: Last ME3 DLC To Be Not-Rubbish?
    11. Crowded Mind: DigitalMindSoft Explain Call To Arms
    12. Fiendishly Cryptic: 2000AD Teases Upcoming Game
    13. Oliver And Spike Make Dimension-Flipping Interesting Again
    14. Brightsiders: Crytek Hires Displaced Darksiders Devs
    1. Cardboard Children: Sherlock Holmes
    2. Neverending Stories: Knytt Underground
    3. Simulated City: Cities In Motion 2 In Motion, Too
    4. Wot I Think: No Time To Explain
    5. Love Hurts: One and One Story
    6. Wot I Read: Christopher Brookmyre's Bedlam
    7. Heart Felt: Surgeon Simulator 2013
    8. Not Built In A Day: Roam Kickstarter
    9. Today's Best Video: Bioshock - Infinite's Documentary
    10. The Week In Tech: Consoles, Steam Boxes, AMD
    11. Finale: Penny Arcade - OTR-SPOD Episode Four
    12. Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 4
    13. The Dead Space/Phil Collins Connection
    14. The Bleat Goes On: Escape Goat 2
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – 27th January 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week's Finest Free Indie Games
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. SuperSight Gives Heartfelt Advice Through Punching
    2. Of Danger And Zones: Ace Combat Now On PC
    3. Rocket Done Rushing DayZ, Issues Massive Update
    4. SOE Outlines PlanetSide's Future, Wants Feedback
    1. Uber's Jon Mavor Explains Planetary Annihilation
    2. Underground Metal: Impire
    3. Sacrificial Space Myths: Soulfinity
    4. Best Thing Ever Today: Unclaimed World
    5. Wow, Owlboy Is Looking Completely Gorgeous
    6. Biden Your Time: Citizens Of Earth
    7. Bit By Bit: Evoland Lets You Play Through Gaming History
    8. The Flare Path: Frogfeat Free-For-All
    9. Stark Realties: Lego Marvel Super Heroes
    10. Hi-Rez Does Things: SMITE Open Beta, Tribes' XP Halving
    11. Hey Sega, You Should Have Released This Aliens Trailer
    12. THQ Doomsday Update: Sega, Crytek, Others Reveal Plans
    13. Chivalfree: Chivalry Gets Free Weekend On Steam
    14. Second Wind: Treasure Adventure Game Being Rebuilt
    1. The Blunder Games: Don't Starve Diary, Part Two
    2. Cannabis, Cannabalt: Drugbound
    3. Telepath Tactics Has A New Demo In Mind
    4. Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Heavy On The "Colon"
    5. Dead Island: Riptide Remembers It's A Game Too
    6. Panzer Bonanza: 5000 Heroes & Generals Keys
    7. Definition Of Insanity: Games & The Stigma Of Depression
    8. Prohibited Thoughts: Omerta - City Of Gangsters Demo
    9. Wot I Think: The Cave
    10. Don't Look Now: Traal Is Free, Frightening
    11. Wot I Think: Strike Suit Zero
    12. Scots, Free: War Of The Roses Gets Huge Update
    13. Dead Space 3 To Be The Straightest Of PC Ports
    14. For Fun And Prophet: Crysis 3 Open Beta Next Week
    1. Fin: THQ Sells Off Most Studios, Basically Done
    2. Ken Levine: The Conversation, Part Two
    3. Even Prettier Is Luminesca
    4. 6180 The Moon Is A Very Pretty Thing
    5. Scivelation Is The Name Of A Game, For Some Reason
    6. Shootmania Backpedals To April, Storms To Beta
    7. Meccano Warriors: Rawbots Alpha Released
    8. Tribal: Firefall Begins Public Beta Tests
    9. It's Settled: Wildman Will Go On
    10. What Lies Ahead For Kentucky Route Zero
    11. This Week In Stupid: Nader And The Prince
    12. The Cave Is Late On PC: Brief 360 Impressions
    13. Go Clone Yourself: Project Temporality's SP Co-Op
    14. Not RE6, Maybe Better - Resident Evil: Revelations
    15. EA Won't Ban For SimCity Bugs, EULA Changes Inbound
    1. Wot I Think: Planetside 2
    2. Cafe Culture: Tale Of Tales' Bientôt l'été Semi-Free
    3. In Tune With The Audience: Meteör
    4. Voulez-Vous Un Remake De Flashback?
    5. Defiance Is A Telly Program Too
    6. Handy: Poker Smash Hits Greenlight
    7. The Elder Scrolls Online Wants You, Right Now-ish
    8. Power Overwhelming - StarCraft II: HoTS' CG Opening
    9. Interview: Kentucky Route Zero's Mountain Of Meanings
    10. Pay As You Churn: Dead Space 3's Microtransactions
    11. If You Build It: Space Nomads
    12. Bizarre: EA Threatens Bans For Unreported SimCity Bugs
    13. Derrick The Deathfin Is A Papercraft Shark Simulator
    14. Viewtiful Robo: Cobalt Shows Slow-Mo, Level Editor
    1. Behind the sounds: Hotline Miami and FTL
    2. Render Woman: Dream of the Blood Moon
    3. Among The Sleep Devs To Release The Plan For Free
    4. Proteus Gets A Releaseus Dateus At Lasteus
    5. War In Hell: Diablo III Lead Steps Down, Fight Ensues
    6. Commercial Strategies: Paradox Open New Web Store
    7. Yeah, Ratfans: The Continuing Legend Of Grimrock
    8. Back In The Day(tona): The 90's Arcade Racer
    9. Atari Is Dying, Again Again Again...
    10. Ridiculon: The Mew-Sic of Mew-Genics
    11. Surviving The Future: Vostok Talk Survarium
    12. Mechwarrior Wars: Living Legends Is Less Living
    13. Meet Loremaster Lawrence: The Elder Scrolls Online
    14. Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 3
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – 20th January 2013
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week's Finest Free Indie Games
    3. Cardboard Children: Beautiful Boards
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Total(ed) War: TF2, Shogun 2 Join Sonic Racing
    2. SimCity Headed To Beta Town Next Week
    3. Halo 2 Multiplayer Peaking At 20 Players, Shutting Down
    4. Insert Subtitle Here: Insert Title Here
    5. It's About Time (& Space): Antichamber Release Date
    6. Unlock Your Inner Lansbury: Steam Guides Are Out
    7. Incredible - Neo Aquarium 2: Ace Of Seafood
    8. Disney Infinity: The Game That Won't Ever Stop
    9. Gas Powered Facing Major Layoffs, May Halt Kickstarter
    10. Join Magicka's Free Weekend Birthday Party
    1. Ken Levine: The Conversation, Part One
    2. Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop Liiiives
    3. Ubi Promises Splinter Cell PC Won't Suffer Ubidelay
    4. The Blunder Games: Don't Starve Diary, Part One
    6. Skyjacker Kickstarts Again For "Starship Constructor"
    7. StarCraft Modders Making Unofficial Sequel To WarCraft III
    8. Mike Pondsmith Looks Moody, Talks Cyberpunk
    9. The Flare Path: Is Thunderstruck
    10. The Mirror Crack'd: Fractured
    11. Backspace Is Handsome And Clean, Like You
    12. Quickstarter: Wildman Gets First Gameplay Footage
    13. Carry On Doing Something Else: Medal Wars Demo
    14. Only Two Months To Retirement: The Showdown Effect
    1. Impressions: Super Motherload
    2. Braid Plus Magnetic Personality: Teslagrad
    3. Private Dick: Red Johnson's Chronicles
    4. Ironfell Is The Cutest, Most Unfair MMO Of Today
    5. Wheelie Good News! Trials Evolution On PC In March
    6. Wot I Think: Fieldrunners 2
    7. Occupy Positech: Democracy 3 Announced
    8. Rocket Outlines DayZ's Future, No Plans For ArmA III
    9. Crysis 3 Spotlights The Gunnest Gun Of Them All
    10. Interview: Homeworld Dev Tells About New RTS, Hardware
    11. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Blacklisted From Pre-Aug Months
    12. The West Is Fun In Westerado
    13. The Squawks Of War: March Of The Eagles Dev Diary
    14. World Of Tanks Chinese Tanks Now Tanks... Er, Live
    15. Cartoludography: Crusader Kings II Republic Gets A Trailer
    1. Chris Taylor's 180: Bigger Equals Better "Flawed Thinking"
    2. Benchmark Your PC With Giant Cats And Dubstep
    3. Obama Announces New Research Into Games & Violence
    4. Turn Right At Shun Avenue: The Path Of Exile Beta Trailer
    5. Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding - Part 2
    6. Bower Defence: It's Cello Fortress
    7. Warzone 2100 Remains In The Zone (Of War)
    8. War Of Men (And Physics): Call To Arms Tech Teaser
    9. World Vs Words: Guild Wars 2 Outlines Eventful 2013
    10. Fancy A Decent Adventure? Then Go For A: PISS
    11. Minecraft Basketball Is A Slam Dunk
    12. Green(light) Means Go: Leisure Suit Larry, More Steamified
    13. BioShock Infinite Claims Infinite PC Bells And Whistles
    14. Dark Humor: Double Fine's Cave Emerges Next Week
    15. Deep Silver Issue Apology Over Dead Island Torso Debacle
    1. Firaxis’ Jake Solomon Post-Mortems XCOM: Part Two
    2. Wot I Think: DMC - Devil May Cry
    3. Adsolutely Fabulous? Tomb Raider: Underworld 'Free'
    4. Wot I Think: Zafehouse: Diaries
    5. Delectable Deities: Reus Puts God Back In The God Game
    6. The Steenberg Emails
    7. Deep Silver Promote Dead Island With Appalling Statue
    8. Splendid News: Imprisoned ARMA 3 Devs Released On Bail
    9. Steam Box Madness: Questions We Need To Be Asking
    10. Number Punching: 10000000 Comes To Steam Today
    11. Dustforce Devs Sticking Up A Spire
    12. GTA IV's Iron Man Mod: Now With Actual Super Powers
    13. Magical: Monkey Island's Insult Swordfighting For Browser
    1. Chris Taylor On GPG's Prehistoric RTS-RPG, Wildman
    2. Wild, Man: Gas Powered Games Kickstarting Wildman
    3. Firaxis' Jake Solomon Post-Mortems XCOM: Part One
    4. Conan Roars Secrets Of Dragon's Spine, Pushes Wheel
    5. We Can Finally Solve Real-Life Beefs In Diablo III
    6. Bridge Of Size: Little Big Mansion
    7. Tilt The World With Not Pac-Man
    8. The Walls Are Melting! Minecraft Animated Textures
    9. All The Trespasser Mod Remake News That's Fit To Post
    10. Dishonored Dev Joe Houston On Violence In Games
    11. A Load Of Bologna: Tower And Power
    12. Platonic Questions: CKII - The Republic
    13. Wuh? Valve Had Arkane Working On 'Episode 4'
    14. Cardboard Children: Descent Quest Vault
    15. Off With Their Headgear: TF2 Dropping Older Hats
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week's Finest Free Indie Games
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Just A Very Quick Thought About Wargames
    1. Wot I Think: Kentucky Route Zero Act I
    2. We Can Finally See The Dark Side Of The Moon
    3. Guns And Voxels: Paranautical Activity
    4. Fus RohnoyoudiDahn't: Super Skyrim Bros.
    5. Here's A Massively Impressive Fallout: NV Prequel Mod
    6. Children Of Liberty Mixes 2D Stealth, American Revolution
    7. Mirror's Edge, Skyrim, More To Get Oculus Rift Support
    8. Behind The Sounds: Game Music's Orchestral Revolution
    9. Bone Up On Skulls Of The Shogun's Release Date
    10. The Flare Path: Pier Review Proponent
    11. Top Shelf: Drunken Robot Pornography Alpha Keys
    12. Travel Sickness: The Organ Trail: The Director's Cut
    13. What's At The Edge Of Space? You'll Never Guess
    14. A Braindance With Death: Cyberpunk's Snazzy Teaser
    15. Neverwinter Is Excited About Its Great Weapon Fighter
    1. Wot I Stink: Toilet Tycoon
    2. Far Cry 3's Outpost App Lets You Log On As You Log On
    3. The Bundle Singularity: The Free Bundle
    4. Don't Blink: The Shortest SimCity Trailer
    5. Vol-Steady As A Rock: Omerta - City Of Gangsters
    6. Shrugging At Atlases: MechWarrior Tactics' Closed Beta
    7. Next For PlanetSide 2: XP Revamp, SMGs, Acronyms
    8. Wot I Think: Super Hexagon
    9. As Seen On PC: Defiance Beta Begins This Month
    10. Maximum Misdirection: Here's Crysis 3, But In Reverse
    11. Warbeaver Rides Again: Tera Going F2P
    12. Jog Your Memory With This Remember Me Trailer
    13. Voice City: Interesting NPCs Invigorates Skyrim's NPCs
    1. Interview: Nate Simpson On Comickybook Nonplayer
    2. Timey Wimey: Lots Of Footage Of The Half-Life Alpha
    3. Universe Collides: Eve And Dust 514 Merge Tomorrow
    4. PC Pancake: Razer's Edge Is A Gaming PC In Tablet Form
    5. Post-Planescape: Fargo Reveals The Future Of Torment
    6. American McGee's Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
    7. Fargo To Detail "Torment" Game In Numenera Universe
    8. Mod A Mod: Surface Tension Uncut Beefs Up Black Mesa
    9. Step Right Up: Dungeonland Out This Month
    10. Gaming Made Me: Nathan Grayson's Violence
    11. Raid Rage: Deus Ex HR Devs Demo Tomb Raider Multi
    12. Sins Of A Dark Age Enters New Age, Drops RTS Bits
    13. Gather A Posse For A Fistful Of Gun
    14. Gabe Opens Up About Valve's Own Biometric Steam Box
    15. Good Grief! Father Hires Virtual Assassins To "Kill" Son
    1. The Inaugural Horace Awards For Forgotten IGF Entrants
    2. Don't Cheer The Reaper: Death Inc.
    3. Surviving: Vostok Delves Deeper Into Survarium
    4. Grim R(EA)per: The Sims 2 Online Services Ending
    5. Delay Z: Rocket Explains Standalone's 2012 Slippage
    6. OMG LEGO Marvel Game Is A Thing Yes Now Please YES!
    7. Do You Want To Get Piston?
    8. Cartoon Carnage: Showdown Effect Shows Off Its Cast
    9. The Generation Game: 7 Grand Steps Demo
    10. Endgame: Syria Informs You As You Play
    11. End Of An Era: Age Of Empires Online Ceasing Updates
    12. Divided We Fall? - THQ Properties To Be Sold Individually
    13. It Begins: Valve And Xi3 Team For 'Piston' Steam Box
    14. Solomon Vows: Firaxis on XCOM's Second Wave Add-On
    1. Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding - Part 1
    2. Saving Graces: Walking Dead Season Two
    3. War For The Overworld Recruits Dungeon Keeper's Voice
    4. Underground Metastate: Kentucky Route Zero
    5. Every Promise Ever Made: The Universe Project
    6. Tomorrow's World: IGF Finalists 2013 Announced
    7. Rebuilding A City Of Heroes: The Phoenix Project
    8. EVIL BOX! Dreadline Footage Appears In Kickstarter Vid
    9. Angel Delight: Music Of The Spheres
    10. Ur-Quan Masters HD: A Star Control 2 Remake
    11. Project Shield Streams Steam Games To TV, Looks Daft
    12. Cardboard Children - Board Game of the Year 2012
    13. Half-Life 2 Walks The Dinosaur: Jurassic Life
    14. TOME Is Where The Heart Is: Happy New Roguelike
    15. And We're Back
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week's Finest Free Indie Games
    1. The Flare Path: Knotting The Eel
    2. Wot I Think: Slave Of God
    3. A Lone Farmer At The End Of The World, Day Two
    4. The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part Three
    5. FINISHED The Awesome RPS Gaming Rig Give Away
    1. The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part Two
    2. The Fixer: How To Restore Knights of the Old Republic II
    1. The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part One