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Go Clone Yourself: Project Temporality's SP Co-Op

I love co-op games, but I have just one problem with them: I hate literally every other human being on the planet. Each morning, I wake up, stare mournfully into the mirror, and ask my reflection why everybody else can't also just be me. He then stares back, wordless, close enough to touch yet further away than dreams. But now, thanks to Project Temporality, my distressingly narcissistic problems are solved! The answer is time clones. Duh. Why didn't I think of it before? It was so obvious. In short, you operate within four [Edit: Defrost explains: "You can use any amount (well almost; it is restricted by how many clearly different looking colors we can find) but 10-12 seems reasonable"] different timelines, coordinating the conveniently colored you in each one to solve larger puzzles. Kinda like Super Time Force, only less shooty and more on PC.

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Project Temporality's not just smoke-and-mirrors, either. Developer Defrost Games claims we'll get to fully engineer each and every timeline with no real limits on, well, time. There can even be time paradoxes, apparently - although you want to steer clear of those. Here are a few rather tantalizing details:

"The core element of PT is its timeline concept. A timeline is a separate copy of you active during a time interval, performing its own actions and interacting with the world at the same time as you. This is not a canned recording of static positions, it is a true recording of your actions. Which means that if you jumped onto a platform in the recording and that platform had been moved before that by another time line then the recording will jump and fall, not land  in the air on an invisible platform."

"So what is happening is true simultaneous actions from all the time lines and together they create the world you are seeing, so in a very real way you are cooperating with yourself."

Pretty promising, right? And it should be releasing within the next few months, perhaps even via Steam if the Greenlight machine is kind. Admittedly, the plot doesn't sound particularly special - a puzzle game in which an unwilling test subject is forced to use an experimental reality-bending technology in a mysterious test facility, you say? - but that's not what drew me to Project Temporality in the first place anyway. I did. Me. Not any of you, because you're all the worst.

Kidding. I love each and every one of you like precious baby pandas. The truth is, I'm just afraid of the potential rejection failure in a co-op scenario could bring.

Kidding again. I hate pandas.

Kidding a third time. No one hates pandas.

But no, seriously, you're all terrible.


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