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We Can Finally See The Dark Side Of The Moon

Lovely Love-maker Eskil Steenberg has finally revealed what his next project will be. He just popped a video up on Youtube, showing off the prototype for a Dark Side Of The Moon, a "real-time strategy stealth action game". The video is a quick look at some of the units he's preparing for the battlefield. It looks like he'll be focusing on smaller battles, rather than turning out a StarCraft clone.

So the main mechanic has to do with dark hiding units, though they can be exposed with flares and such. It looks like the control of light will be the most important step as it defines the battlefield. His little group of units on display are tricksy little tanks, with classes that seem to do one thing very well. There are normal units that simply fire when the enemy is spotted, though the AI has some interesting quirks that you'll see below. They're supported by nom-standard units: protective sentries that can't harm anything, teleporting tanks that can only kill close up. Let me illuminate it more for you.

Cover image for YouTube video

Questions. I wonder how far along this art is? Is it finished, or is it super temporary? What are you fighting for? And where is the moon? It's a prototype, so I'm guessing it's so alpha it hurts. Eskil states that people will be granted access "soon" in the video, so I won't have to wait long for answers to my queries. I'll just go and watch a pot boil for a bit. Toodles!

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