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Not RE6, Maybe Better - Resident Evil: Revelations

My PC can do many things for me, but - aside from its complete inability to provide me with the authentic human connections I so desire - the main thing it's missing is Resident Evil 6. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, however, because I've heard through Consoletopia's living room wire-tangle of a grapevine that Resident Evil 6 is such a bad thing. If Capcom can clean it up before it makes its way over to our neck of the woods in March, more power to it. But, if RE6 ends up leaving a bilious gulp of disappointment in our guts, Resident Evil: Revelations might just be our best shot at feeling good as new. It was originally a Nintendo 3DS game, of all things, but it's one of the strongest the Resident Evil series has seen in years. Seriously. And there are boats! Trailer's after the break.

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Basically, it aims to be old-school RE's (relative) claustrophobia mixed with Resident Evil 4/5's combat, and it ends up hitting more often than it misses. For the PC version, Capcom will obviously be blasting everything with some form of beautification beam, but a few slightly more intriguing bonuses are headed our way as well - especially where the bite-sized, customization-heavy co-op Raid mode is concerned.

"As you might expect, this new version will include online Raid Mode co-op, enhanced HD graphics and lighting - but it also contains a few new bells and whistles. This new version also adds a new enemy, a new harder difficulty, new Raid weapons and new Custom Parts that make your weapons even more formidable - handy in those harder Raid maps."

Revelations will be packing its moaning, groaning flesh bags and coming aboard our machines on May 24th. The only thing that really makes me hesitant is a $49.99 price tag. A bit steep for a gussied up portable port, no? Oh well. Steam sale fodder, maybe? Because if Resident Evil 6 arrives in anything resembling the state it did on consoles, I'm not sure people will be in the mood to pony up much for another - even if it is markedly better in pretty much every way.

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