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Resident Evil 6 To Reside (Evilly) On PC In March

Capcom's been taking its time with the PC port of Resident Evil 6, because that is what you do when people still mail you boxes of live leaping spiders on a daily basis in reaction to Resident Evil 4's PC version. I assume this means it will be functional, and that I can finally stop illegally importing all these leaping spiders. Capcom, however, isn't stopping there. Oh no. It's also including all the features that traditionally accompany modern Steam releases. Does that shock you? Are you frightened and bewildered? Of course you are. We're in spooooky territory, after all. And in the spookiest month of them all - March - no less. Details after the break.

Resident Evil 6 will be testing our iron nerves with its special brand of zombie-president-battling action on March 22nd. We're apparently getting the complete package, too, which is nice:

"We can also announce the PC release date for RE6, which will hit North America as a download on March 22, 2013. It will land with all console content as well as any future content that arrive as free title updates (such as the No Hope mode)."

And of course, cloud saves, leaderboards, Steam achievements, and things of that nature will also be present and accounted for. So, in short, it sounds like it's shaping up to be a serviceable port - and not the brainless, shambling corpse of one. That is the good news.

The bad news is that Resident Evil 6 hasn't fared so well over in console land. And to be honest, what I've seen of it (haven't played, mind you, so I'd hardly call this authoritative) looked like kind of a mess. Janky controls, obligatory vehicle segments, frustrating insta-death moments, etc. I'm  not sure if this is an "oh how the mighty have fallen" moment yet, but they may well have gotten tangled up in their own massive feet.

Who knows, though? Maybe Capcom will find time to smooth off a few of the more egregiously rough edges between now and March. I hope so, anyway. No, I'm not expecting another Resident Evil 4, well, ever, but I'm quite invested in the series' long, winding, incredibly convoluted narrative arc. Specifically, Leon Kennedy's hair. How does it stay like that? I mean, he's getting covered in zombie guts and falling into Loch Ness eel creature swamp muck all the time, but just look at that sheen. Also something something Wesker T-Virus lockpicking or whatever I guess.

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