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Metro 2013: All Aboard Resident Evil 6's Zombie Train

I'm beginning to wonder if Resident Evil's really about a zombie apocalypse at all. Instead, my leading theory - only bolstered by this new reel of freshly unearthed footage - is that Leon Kennedy was an overzealous zombie fanboy who made some kind of Midas Touch devil pact to generate unending waves of shambling undead with his mere presence. First day on the job in Raccoon City? Sorry, zombies. Pleasant chat with his Commander-and-Bro-in-Chief, the President? Nope, zombies. And today, for your viewing pleasure, he'll be making his way through an underground train station, but with zombies erupting from railroads and lockers and innocuous potted plants. And sure, he wears that boy-band-gone-bad grimace and perfectly coifed emo 'do like a champ, but he can't hide the truth: he's loving every second of this.

Sad to say, this continues to look less-than-encouraging. Setting aside the constant stream of chit-chat that shotgun-blasted any sense of atmosphere and then burned the body for good measure, this level turned its barely attached nose up at any sort of pacing. A couple sections in Resident Evil 4, for instance, probably matched this section for sheer number of enemies, but - between scarce ammo and enemies that reacted in oftentimes unpredictable fashions - it never dispelled its own thick fog of spookiness.

Here, though, Leon's just charging through unfaltering, undifferentiated waves like it's just another day on the job. It's less Night of the Living Dead and more Dead Rising. I did, however, at least like the bit at the end where - for some mystifying reason - he opts to ignore the woman in mortal peril, only to receive a face full of zombie bile seconds later. Serves him right. But honestly, I don't even know anymore. Maybe he likes that too.

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