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Resident Evil 6 Reveals New Playable Character: Everything

So Dead Space has co-op now, and reactions have been rather... mixed. But then Resident Evil 6 saunters in. "Only two playable characters?" It chuckles derisively. "My series was doing that before your main character could even talk. Now this..." it draws back a curtain everyone only just now noticed, revealing Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and their respective co-op partners, "this is how it's done." And, as it turns out, there's more where that came from.

Via two new trailers, Capcom's revealed that longtime series standby Ada Wong will have her own campaign - as will, er, the zombies. Kind of. If you so choose, Agent Hunt mode, as it's known, will allow other players to take control of zombies in your campaign. This becomes significantly more interesting after watching the video below, in which someone pilots a creature with a giant centipede for an arm to glorious, hundred-legged victory.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

So Agent Hunt seems a bit Left 4 Dead-ish, but with touches of - oddly enough - Dead Space 2's multiplayer. I liked the bit where the grotesque vomiting lizard creature erupted from the husk of Edward Centipede Arms, too. It was like a Russian stacking doll, except filled with slime and nightmares. Fun!

As for Ada's level, errrrr. I did get a bit of a Resident Evil 4 vibe from the setting, and the solitary parts were almost kind of creepy. But then a small crowd of other main characters showed up, and any sense of vulnerability or tension exploded into a high-octane action battle against a giant boss with glowing weakpoints.

The whole thing looks kind of messy, if I'm being honest. I am, however, curious to see how all these disparate elements fit together - even if they don't pull it off in particularly cohesive fashion. At the very latest, I'm looking at sating my curiosity in early October - but only if Capcom's rigorous trailer schedule doesn't lay the whole game bare before then.

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