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The Bonding Of Isaac: Dead Space 3's Odd Couple Co-Op

Dead Space is famously an Alien-inspired game about lonely survival on a spaceship/station inhabited by otherworldly horrors. No more! Now it's a buddy action move about welding helmeted Isaac grudgingly teaming up with bloodthirsty merc and victim of nominative predeterminism John Carver. They hate each other, but I've a funny feeling they might come to respect and even like each other before the tale is done.

As well as the co-op focus, Dead Space 3 is rather more planet-bound and a whole lot more icy than the previous, claustrophobic and somewhat brown entries in the series. As you can see below. Yes, I thought I'd surprise you all by posting a trailer during E3 week. I don't play by the rules, me.

So it's Lost Planet now, then? Also, I like how the angry guy has a helmet with red lines on and the calm guy has a helmet with blue lines on. It's like Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but with two gun-toting guys who don't like each other, in space. PUT THAT ON THE BACK OF THE BOX.

Co-op will be optional and drop-in, drop out, so sounds like it'll still be possible to have a traditionally lonely Isaac adventure should you so wish.

More details on the game, the co-op and this Carver fellow over on the DS3 site. Just think, when Dead Space 9 comes out we'll be saying DS9 eveywhere and everyone will think they've gone back in time to the mid to late 1990s.

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