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EA are asking players if they want a Dead Space 2 or 3 remake

Well, do you?

Isaac injects a Wheezer necromorph with a fatal enzyme in the Dead Space remake.
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The Dead Space remake was well received by players whether old or new to the scifi horror slice 'em up. EA are seemingly now asking a handful of players if they would therefore like the same remake treatment applied to Dead Space 2 and 3.

Screenshots of the survey were shared on Twitter by the developer of Gloomwood. They show two questions, asking how interested the respondent would be in a "similar remake" to Dead Space 2 or Dead Space 3, with available answers ranging from "not at all interested" to "extremely interested".

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Dead Space 2 is broadly liked, often more so than the original Dead Space. That was the conclusion Jim drew in his Dead Space 2 review (while also ultimately deciding that there was "nothing much here that I'll be talking about in arguments over the legacies of great games a few years from now"). Dead Space 3 was generally less favourably received, as it seemed to abandon some of the tenets of the series, though Adam still broadly enjoyed his time in his Dead Space 3 review. (Which also had a great strap: "The Limbless And Clarke Expedition".)

I haven't seen the full survey EA have sent out, but I hope it includes other questions like, "would you like an actual new Dead Space game?" or "would you like a Dead Space 2 but one that's not a remake?" or "on a scale of great to very great, how great is Physical: 100 on Netflix?". (I haven't played any Deads Space so a question I could answer would be nice.)

If you're still making your way through the excellent remake, check out our Dead Space walkthrough. It would only be more instructional if it was written in blood on a wall.

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