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Dead Space walkthrough

Our Dead Space walkthrough will guide you through every chapter, noting any collectibles throughout

Looking for a Dead Space remake walkthrough? Isaac Clarke is once again stomping around the USG Ishimura in the Dead Space remake, but things have changed over the years. While this is a remake of the original, franchise veterans will notice that it all looks a little different. Layouts have changed, there are Security Clearance doors scattered around, and there are even side quests to complete as you chop off Necromorph limbs. Of course, those new to the series might just want a guiding hand to help them through this horror classic.

In this extensive Dead Space remake walkthrough, we'll guide you through all 12 chapters of the game. We'll break down the main quest, and point out where to find weapons, Power Nodes, Text and Audio Logs, Upgrade Schematics, and Security Clearance doors along the way.

Dead Space chapters

There are twelve chapters in the Dead Space remake, and each takes about an hour to complete. With an hour per chapter, Dead Space will take about 12 hours total to beat, but expect to add a little extra if you plan on backtracking to mop up any collectibles.

Below, you'll find a list of all Dead Space chapters:

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Dead Space Walkthrough Chapter 1: New Arrivals

The Dead Space remake opens with a short cutscene in which you fly towards a "planet-cracker" ship called USG Ishimura. Things go wrong pretty fast, though, and you end up crashing onto the ship in a fiery wreck. When you land, you'll gain control of Isaac Clarke.

Upon gaining control of Isaac inside the crashed Kellion, turn around and enter the fiery side-room to find a Text Log.

Dead Space image showing a Text Log on the Kellion.

Exit the Kellion and follow your allies towards the flashing Ishimura sign. After a brief scan, you'll enter the Flight Lounge. Search the nearby lockers to find some credits as you enter.

You'll also find the second Text Log in front of the bright "Welcome Aboard!" sign inside the Flight Lounge.

Dead Space image showing a Text Log next to a large Welcome Aboard sign.

How to escape the Flight Lounge and get the Plasma Cutter

Use the terminal in the adjacent office to continue the mission, but be prepared for it to get spooky. As you do, the lights will cut out and some gory chaos will ensue, during which your allies flee. There's no time to rest, though, as Necromorphs will start bursting from the walls to chase you. You need to go through the nearby door and sprint until you reach an elevator, which you can use to descend further into the USG Ishimura.

When the elevator opens, exit and immediately go to the glowing workbench to get your Plasma Cutter, the first weapon in Dead Space. You see that bloody graffiti on the nearby wall that reads "Cut off their limbs"? Yeah, if it wasn't already obvious, that's about to become very important.

After grabbing the Plasma Cutter, head towards the Tram Control Room door and shoot the nearby purple battery to unlock it. Steady yourself, though, as opening the door will cause a Necromorph to immediately jump out and attack. Heed the bloody graffiti's warning, and shoot those limbs! After killing it, continue through the corridors ahead until you reach the Tram Control Room.

As you proceed through the next corridor towards the Tram Control Room, you'll see a message terminal. Interact with it to get your first Audio Log.

Dead Space image showing an Audio Log terminal in a dark corridor.

Where to get the Stasis Module

When you enter the Tram Control Room, snoop around to find some more ammo, credits, and a save station. After scooping up any items, head through the door that leads to the Tram Tunnel and go down the stairwell.

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find a Security Door that requires Clearance Level 1. You cannot access this immediately, as you won't get Security Clearance 1 until later in the story, so note its location and otherwise ignore it for now.

Continue through the Tram Tunnel towards the loud slamming noise, where you'll find a Stasis Module on the floor. Use the module to shoot the faulty door, slowing it down so that you can pass through unharmed. Continue through the following hallways, grabbing the Stasis pack off the floor, and interact with the save station ahead. As you approach, the lights will cut out, plunging you into darkness. Continue through the dark corridors until you reach the Tram Repair Room.

After entering the Tram Repair Room, turn right and follow the wall along to the corner. There, you'll find some containers that you can open, one of which contains a Power Node. You can use Power Nodes to upgrade your gear. After grabbing the Power Node, turn around to find an Audio Log on the nearby desk.

Dead Space image showing a Power Node in a container, with Isaac stood nearby.

Repairing the tram

Continue up the ramp and note the nearby blue terminal. We'll use that in a moment, but first, search the room for more ammo. There's plenty scattered around, which should indicate what's to come. Head back up the slope and use the blue terminal to load a tram. You'll then need to use the other terminals at the bottom of each slope to send out claws that hook onto the tram. Prepare for a fight though, as interacting with either terminal with unleash a wave of Necromorphs.

It's also worth noting that one of the claws is faulty and will not connect. To fix this, shoot a Stasis blast as the hook hits the tram to lock it in place, and then run back up the slope and interact with the blue terminal to complete your objective. Finish off any remaining Necromorphs and head back towards the main Tram Control Room.

Where to get the Data Board

Next, you must proceed to the Baggage and Control area. After passing through the door, search the bloody corridor to find some ammo and credits. Then, continue towards the corner, where you'll see a circuit breaker up ahead. Before walking over, look down and kill the Necromorph that's playing dead on the floor. Then, interact with the Circuit Breaker to divert power to the Maintenance Bay and open the nearby door.

As you enter, you'll need to make your way down to an elevator while clearing any Necromorphs, of which there are a few in the room. After using the elevator to reach the upper level, use the circuit breaker to divert power from the lights to the Maintenance Room, unlocking a door on the bottom floor.

Near the circuit breaker, you'll find another Text Log on a chair. You'll also find some containers that you can open for more ammo, so quickly restock.

Dead Space image showing a Text Log on a chair, next to some orange terminals.

Take the elevator back down, killing any Necromorphs on the way, and enter the previously locked room that you'll find opposite on the lower level. Grab the Data Board inside to complete your current objective!

After grabbing the Data Board, search the room for a couple of other key items. A Text Log sits opposite the desk where you found the Data Board, and a Power Node is in a container opposite the door.

Upon exiting the room, more Necromorphs will attack Isaac as you make your way out of the Maintenance Bay. Kill them and then go back to the Tram Control Room, making sure to save on the way.

After exiting the Maintenance Bay, use the nearby circuit breaker to divert power to the nearby Cargo Storage room (which you'll find as you make your way back through this corridor). You'll find another Power Node in a container inside.

Dead Space image showing Isaac looking at a Power Node inside a container.

Journey to Medical

When you reach the Tram Control Room, reinstall the Data Board and call the tram for your allies. After a short conversation, you'll be told to backtrack to the crashed Kellion. It's been a while, but that includes a journey back through the area where you were previously chased by Necromorphs. When you reach the elevator, be ready to fight through them to reach the Flight Lounge. You'll need to shoot the door with a Stasis blast to get through, after which you can proceed to the Kellion.

After a short, and particularly explosive cutscene, you'll find yourself back in the Hangar with the Kellion now destroyed. A few Necromorphs will make their way towards you, including a new variant that crawls. This new variant has a large tail that you should shoot to limit its movement, making it easier to kill.

Finish them off and return to the Flight Lounge for your next objective. A new path to the Flight Deck Tram Station has now unlocked, so head through when you're ready. Make your way to the elevator and descend further into the Ishimura.

Upon exiting, you'll find a store where you can buy and sell items. After a bit of shopping, proceed through the door that leads towards Medical. When you're ready, use the nearby cargo lift to descend further into the passages below, and make your way through the corridors to the Medical Cargo Depot.

In the corridor leading to the Medical Cargo Depot, you'll find another sealed door that requires Security Clearance level 1. You'll get this in the next chapter, so note the location and continue on for now.

After entering the Depot, you will complete Chapter 1: New Arrivals.

For help with Chapter 2: Intensive Care, take a look at the next page of our Dead Space remake walkthrough.