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Dead Space walkthrough Chapter 10: End of Days

We head into Chapter 10: End of Days in our Dead Space walkthrough

Looking for a Dead Space remake walkthrough? Our Dead Space remake walkthrough heads into Chapter 10: End of Days. After disposing of a nuclear warhead, you now need to head back to the USG Ishimura and find a shuttle that you can use to escape the horrors taking place on board.

In this section of our Dead Space remake walkthrough, we'll guide you through Chapter 10: End of Days, helping you find any Power Nodes, Text and Audio Logs, and Security Clearance doors while completing the main quest.

You can navigate this Dead Space walkthrough using the pages below:

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Dead Space walkthrough Chapter 10: End of Days

Upon arriving back on the Ishimura, float over to the nearby door and head back through the airlock. This leads back into the Comms Control Room, from which you can continue back towards the Main Atrium elevator. Use the lift to get back to the Atrium, and then head to the Crew Deck. There, you'll find a ramp leading into the Tram Tunnel.

Where to find Benson's RIG

Dead Space image showing Isaac staring at Benson's RIG in the dark.

At the bottom of the ramp, turn right and head down the passage to find Benson's RIG, which you'll need for the "You Are Not Authorized" side quest. Then, turn back and head over to the nearby door, which leads to a cargo lift that you can use to reach the Crew Deck Tram Station.

How to complete Z-Ball

After a brief chat with Daniels, head into the Crew Deck Common Area. It's filled with dead bodies, which should signal that there's danger ahead. In fact, this chapter is one of the most difficult in Dead Space, so we'd recommend stocking up on ammo at the nearby store.

When you're ready, proceed into the Zero-G Gym. You'll pass through the locker room on your way, within which there is a Text Log on a table. When you're ready, enter the Z-Ball arena. You'll spot a power core floating up ahead, which you can just grab before leaving straight away.

However, if you come back into the Z-Ball arena, you can also take part in a short minigame in which you can earn some ammo, a Ruby Semiconductor (worth 10k credits), and a Power Node.

Dead Space image showing Isaac floating in Zero-G holding a basketball with Kinesis.

To complete Z-Ball, you must first interact with the terminal to start the game. This will cause baby Necromorphs to burst into the room and crawl along the walls while firing at you. A timer will appear on the far side of the screen, above four coloured holes, and a basketball will fire from a tube.

You must repeatedly use Kinesis to grab and launch the basketball through any of the coloured holes to earn points. When you reach the required score, noted next to your point total, you will proceed onto the next round.

There are six rounds total, and each round you complete will unlock a locker in the previous room. The rewards that you'll earn for completing each round of Z-Ball are listed below:

  1. Pulse Rounds
  2. Contact Energy
  3. Force Energy
  4. 1200 Credits
  5. Ruby Semiconductor
  6. Power Node

Don't focus on killing any of the enemies while playing. Simply avoid their attacks when possible, and focus on scoring points in the allotted time.

How to destroy every tendril and complete Scientific Methods

After completing Z-Ball, insert the power core into the socket and take the nearby lift to reach the upper levels. There, you'll find the Crew Deck Keycard on a corpse. Take the lift back down and head back through the Common Area, where you can now unlock the door that leads into the Central Nexus.

After a short cutscene in which you watch Mercer and Temple fight, a Hunter will burst into the room. Turn left immediately and head over to the door covered in Necromorph growth. Shoot the weak point on the right and proceed through the door to briefly escape the Hunter.

Dead Space image showing Isaac firing at a glowing yellow chunk of Necromorph growth.

Continue into the Mess Hall and make your way around the bar to find a cargo lift. Take it down and head into the Standard Quarters corridor. Turn left to find a Power Node in a container, and then turn back and take the path leading in the opposite direction to reach the Standard Quarters.

Ignore the hologram of Mercer and instead use Kinesis to move a barricade from a door leading further into the Standard Quarters. The room is filled with gas, so watch your oxygen and make your way through to find a tendril in the far corner, past two Necromorphs stuck to the wall. Destroy the tendril weak point, and then look around the corner to also find a Storage Room containing a power core.

Dead Space image showing Isaac firing at a yellow tendril weak point with a flamethrower.

Grab the power core and carry it through the Mess Hall to find a power socket next to a lift. Insert the core and take the lift back up to the Central Nexus. You can then use a cargo lift near where you encountered the Hunter, which takes you up to the Deluxe Quarters. Upon entering, a lockdown will begin, and you must clear the room of Necromorphs to continue.

When the lockdown is over, head through the door leading to the Deluxe Quarters and turn left to find four more unlocked doors. First, search for the door labelled "Guest Consultant's Suite" and head through for a brief cutscene in which Isaac watches footage of himself talking to Nicole.

When the footage ends, head around the corner and into Mercer's Office, where you can watch a Video Log of Nicole and Mercer. Once the video ends, you will complete the side quest "Scientific Methods", and you can also find a Force Gun Upgrade on the table nearby.

Dead Space image showing Isaac aiming a flashlight at a yellow weak point of Necromorph growth.

Head back into the Deluxe Quarters and turn left to find the tendril weak point. Destroy it, and then head back to the Central Nexus. Follow the walkways around and enter the Executive Quarters, where you'll find a Text Log on a table opposite the entrance. You'll also find another Text Log in Mathius' Office on the left. White's Office also contains a Text Log.

Dead Space image showing Isaac aiming at a weak point of a Necromorph tendril.

After grabbing all of the Text Logs, head into the Executive Bathroom and destroy the tendril weak point within. This will then cause another lockdown, which you can end by killing the Necromorphs that burst into the room. Then, head back to the Central Nexus and proceed into the Chief Steward's Office, where you'll meet Dr Kyne. You should also spot a tendril weak point through the glass, near Kyne.

Dead Space image showing Isaac aiming at a yellow weak point on a Necromorph tendril.

After a brief chat with Kyne, head into the now-unlocked door on your left and destroy the tendril weak point that you could see through the glass. There is also a Text Log on a shelf nearby. Then, head back to the Central Nexus, where yet another lockdown will begin.

Clear the room of enemies, and then interact with the terminal near the Marker to proceed. Follow the Marker into the Executive Shuttle Bay, where you'll find the last escape pod on the Ishimura.

How to defeat the Hunter

Dead Space image showing Isaac staring through a window and watching the Hunter being consumed by flames.

Head into the pod and install the Singularity Core. Then, head into a nearby side-office and test the pod engines. This will cause the Hunter and a few other enemies to burst into the room.

Kill some of the smaller enemies, and then lure the Hunter behind the pod engines. Use a Stasis blast to slow them in this vicinity, and then test the engines again to destroy the Hunter.

This will cause Mercer to appear in a short cutscene, before both him and Isaac are pulled out of the room by large Necromorph arms. You must fire at the weak point of the arm to loosen its grip so that you can escape.

After escaping, you'll briefly chat with Kyne and Daniels, which will complete Chapter 10: End of Days.

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