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Dead Space walkthrough Chapter 7: Into the Void

Our Dead Space walkthrough heads into Chapter 7: Into the Void

Looking for a Dead Space remake walkthrough? Our Dead Space remake walkthrough heads into Chapter 7: Into the Void. In this Chapter, you must find and deploy an SOS beacon, so that you can send a message out to others who could potentially save you from the nightmare happening aboard the USG Ishimura. However, such a mission could never be easy, and you'll face some tough enemies along the way.

In this section of our Dead Space remake walkthrough, we'll guide you through Chapter 7: Into the Void, helping you find any Power Nodes, Text and Audio Logs, and Security Clearance doors while completing the main quest.

You can navigate this Dead Space walkthrough using the pages below:

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Dead Space walkthrough Chapter 7: Into the Void

You'll pick up in Hydroponics, where you can head through a door that leads to the Mining Tram Station. When you arrive, use the terminal to unlock the fast travel point and then continue into the Mining Deck. You'll find a room that has multiple Kinesis blocks, but you can head left and walk straight past.

However, moving them will reveal a locked Tools Storage room, which will start a new side quest called "You Are Not Authorized", which tasks you with finding various RIGs around the Ishimura. You should already have a couple of these, but we'll point out where to find the rest further in this walkthrough. You'll also find a Power Node nearby.

For a full guide where to find the RIGS, along with any Master Override doors and crates in the Dead Space remake, take a look at our guide on how to get Master Override in Dead Space.

Continue towards the elevator that you can use to navigate Mining Operations and take it down to Deck C. When you arrive, the power will cut out and Necromorphs will burst into the lift. Clear them out, and then proceed through the following corridor.

You'll need to use Kinesis blocks to cover laser traps that will otherwise detonate and kill you. Then, head into the Extraction Area, continue down the steps, and turn right to save your progress. Once at the save station, turn right again to find a Text Log.

Grab the power core with Kinesis and carry it over to the nearby elevator. Insert the core into the socket and then take the lift up. Follow the corridor around, heading past the locked Security Clearance door, and into Mining Control. You'll find a Text Log directly ahead on a desk. Then, turn right and interact with the nearby terminal.

Dead Space image showing Isaac staring at a blue terminal.

How to get Dallas' RIG and Security Clearance level 3

After a brief chat with Daniels, you'll need to head back to the main Mining elevator and take it to Deck B. When you arrive, head over to the nearby table and activate the Video Log. Then, turn right and continue through the following corridors while clearing out any Necromorphs in your way. It's a fairly linear path that will eventually lead to a Mineral Processing Room. Along the way, you'll find an Audio Log in a message terminal on the wall.

When you reach the Mining Processing Room, head past yet another locked Security Clearance door and through the nearby vac-seal. You then need to use your suit thrusters to fly around the large chamber and find four large glowing rocks, which you can grab with Kinesis and throw into the large laser beam that passes through the centre of the room. Destroy all four rocks, and then use the terminal in the corner of the room to restore gravity.

After restoring gravity, Necromorphs will flood the room from both sides, but you can escape by turning right and running along the walkway until you reach the Control Room. Kill any in your path and keep running, as it'll be difficult to clear the entire room.

Inside, you'll find Dallas' RIG, which you need for your current objective. This will also grant you Security Clearance level 3. There's also an Audio Log on the desk nearby.

Dead Space image showing Isaac looking at Dallas' RIG.

Where to find the SOS Beacon and Kyne's Mining Deck Hideout

Return to the main Mining elevator and use it to head to Deck D. Once you arrive, clear the passage directly ahead of Necromorphs and then head down the ramp opposite. Turn right, kill the Necromorph stuck in the wall, and then head into Secure Storage. This is a corridor with two doors on either side, but they're all locked.

You can use the circuit breaker at the end to open them one at a time. However, we only recommend opening Storage 1 and 2. Storage 3 just has a Necromorph to kill, and Storage 4 is blocked off regardless by Necromorph growth.

You'll find some loot inside Storage 1, and two Audio Logs in Storage 2. The second room is also Kyne's Mining Deck Hideout, so grab the Audio Logs to complete the current objective in the Scientific Methods side quest.

Head back towards the elevator and proceed into the Equipment Maintenance Bay. Use Kinesis to pull the nearby platform over to you, and then ride it across the large ravine in the centre of the room.

On the other side, you'll find Nicole and have a brief conversation while she uses a terminal to unlock a nearby door. However, you'll need to defend Nicole while she works, so kill any Necromorphs that try to advance on her position.

Dead Space image showing Isaac looking at the SOS Beacon on a workbench.

When Nicole finishes with the terminal, you can head into the Equipment Workshop. Continue through the corridor ahead and go down the ramp to find an Intermediate Miner RIG Schematic and the SOS Beacon on a desk.

Then, use the nearby cargo lift to access the upper levels and continue back out into the Maintenance Bay. Turn right immediately to kill a Necromorph in the wall, and then open the container next to it to find a Power Node.

How to launch the SOS Beacon

Use the nearby circuit breaker to divert power from the gondola to zero gravity. You can then use your thrusters to fly back across the ravine, but we'd recommend flying to the bottom first, where you'll find a Security Clearance door. Head through to get a Flamethrower Upgrade and a Power Node, and then exit back into the ravine and fly out of the Maintenance Bay. Go to the main Mining elevator and return to Deck C.

When you arrive at Deck C, power will cut out again. Kill any Necromorphs that burst into the elevator, and then proceed back towards Mining Control. You can now open the Security Clearance door on the way, where you'll find some ammo, credits, and a Power Node. Once you're back in Mining Control, use the terminal again to complete your current objective.

Leave the Mining Control Room and head back to the lower levels using the nearby cargo lift. There, you'll find that the door to the Mining Bay next to the save station is now open. Grab the power core from the nearby socket and head through.

Proceed through the corridors ahead while clearing any Necromorphs, and then insert the power core into the socket at the end. This will activate the cargo lift to your side, which lets you descend further into the Ishimura.

When you arrive, continue into the Mining Bay and go through the vac-seal to enter zero gravity. In this chamber, you will see a large asteroid, with gaps on either side that you can pass through to fly outside of the Ishimura. Float through a gap to get out and plant the SOS Beacon on the asteroid.

Dead Space image showing Isaac firing at a large sawblade device called a Tether.

After planting the Beacon, look up and down to see two large sawblade-like devices spinning on either side of the asteroid. These are tethers that you need to destroy, and there are four in total (two outside and two inside).

Hit both of the outside tethers with a Stasis blast and a few shots from your Pulse Rifle to deactivate them, and then float back inside to find the others. You'll spot them directly ahead as you float back into the zero-gravity chamber. Destroy them using the same method, and then head back to the cargo lift.

Ride the cargo lift back up and grab the power core back out of the wall. Then, carefully proceed through the corridor ahead, which now has large fire jets that fire intermittently. Avoid the fire and exit the corridor, before placing the power core into the socket ahead. Ride this cargo lift back up and head to Mining Control, where you can release the asteroid and launch the Beacon.

As you launch the Beacon, a Hunter will burst into the room and the door will lock. Use Stasis to slow the Hunter and avoid its attacks until you spot a lever appear on the wall next to the door. Use Kinesis to pull the lever, and then run out of the Control Room and all the way back to the main Mining elevator. Take it to Deck A, where you can continue back to the Mining Tram Station.

Once you arrive, you'll complete Chapter 7: Into the Void.

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