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Dead Space Master Override locations: Where to find all Master Override RIGs, doors, and crates

Learn where to find all of the Master Override RIGS, doors, and crates in Dead Space

Dead Space image showing Isaac firing a a Necromorph with the Plasma Cutter.
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Want to know how to get the Master Override in Dead Space? Dead Space has various Security Clearance doors scattered around the USG Ishimura. During the main story, you will get access to Level 2 and 3 doors. However, doors with a star symbol require the Master Override, which is only available to those who complete the You Are Not Authorized side quest. This quest tasks you with tracking down seven different RIGs around the Ishimura, which we'll help you with below.

In this guide, we'll break down how to get Master Override in Dead Space, including information on where to find each RIG scattered around the Ishimura. We'll then cover where to find the various doors and crates that you can open with the Master Override, and any notable loot that you'll find.

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How to get Master Override in Dead Space

To get the Master Override in Dead Space, you need to find seven RIGs. You can then take them to the Captain's Nest at the Bridge, where you can use the RIGs to craft the Master Override.

The You Are Not Authorized side quest will not start automatically upon finding your first RIG. You'll get it during the main story, as you head into the Mining Deck for the first time.

Below, we'll break down where to find each of the RIGS needed to build the Master Override:

  • Voelker's RIG: In Chapter 3: Course Correction, head into the Hangar Bay and float through the blue vac-seal to enter a vacuum. On the left side of the hangar, you'll find Voelker's RIG floating near an Oxygen refill station.
  • White's RIG: When you do the space walk during Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent, head past the final ADS cannon to find White's RIG floating nearby.
  • Holt's RIG: In Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard, clear the East Grow Chamber of growth and look on the Floor 3 walkways to find Holt's RIG.
  • Dallas' RIG: In Chapter 7: Into the Void, you'll pick up Dallas' RIG during the main quest. It's in the Mining Control Room.
  • Rousseau's RIG: After getting Dallas' RIG (which grants you Security Clearance Level 3), head back to Engineering and into the Fuel Storage area. There, you'll find a Security Clearance Level 3 door that you can now open. Head through to find Rousseau's RIG.
  • Bailey's RIG: In Chapter 8: Search and Rescue, head to Electrical and proceed to the Comms Control Room. Head into Bailey's Office from here to find Bailey's RIG.
  • Benson's RIG: In Chapter 10: End of Days, you head down some steps into the Tram Tunnel. At the bottom, turn back and head past the stairs to find Benson's RIG hidden by some crates.

Once you have all seven, take the tram back to the Bridge and head through the Atrium. Take the lift down to the Captain's Nest, where you find Hammond earlier in the story, and interact with a blue terminal inside to build the Master Override.

All Master Override doors and crates in Dead Space

Once you have the Master Override, there are various doors and crates that will become accessible. These are hidden around the Ishimura, but they contain valuable gear and items, such as Weapon Upgrades and Power Nodes.

Below, we'll break down where to find each of the Master Override doors and crates in Dead Space:

  • Engineering: From the Engine Control Room, head through the Preparation Room and towards the Machine Shop. You'll find a Bench on the way, next to which there is a Master Override crate containing a Ripper Upgrade.
  • Water Purification: Head to the Atrium and take the lift to Water Purification. At the top, you should find the Water Purification Storage room, which contains a Pulse Rifle Upgrade and a Power Node.
  • Hydroponics: In the Hydroponics Central Hub, head through the door to the Mining Tram Station. Directly ahead, you'll find a Master Override crate that contains a Line Gun Upgrade.
  • Mining Deck: Head into Mining Operatons to find a bunch of Kinesis Crates. Move these out of your way and head past them to find Tool Storage, which you can now open. Inside, you'll find a Contact Beam Upgrade in a crate.
  • Crew Deck: In the Deluxe Crew Quarters, grab the power core from the bunks and insert it into the nearby socket. Then, divert power to the doors. Head through the Central Nexus and turn right to enter the Deluxe Quarters, where you'll find a Master Override crate containing a Flamethrower Upgrade.
  • Crew Deck: In the Executive Quarters, head into the Executive Bathrooms to find the Exec Quarters Keycard. Then, use it to enter Commander Holt's room, within which you'll find a Master Override crate containing a Gold Semi Conductor.
  • Cargo Bay: Where you destroy the various Necromorph growths that are blocking the Marker, you'll find a Master Override crate containing a Force Gun Upgrade.
  • Aegis VII Transfer Junction: Follow the Marker through Aegis VII until you reach the Transfer Junction. Enter and turn left to cross the bridge, where you'll find a crate containing 3 Power Nodes.

That wraps up our guide on how to get Master Override in Dead Space. For more help, take a look at our complete Dead Space walkthrough. If you want to get the secret ending, check out our guide on where to find every Marker Fragment in Dead Space. If you're struggling to survive, make sure to take a look at our guide on how to get every suit upgrade in Dead Space.

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