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Dead Space Marker Fragments locations and secret ending

Learn where to get the Marker Fragments for the Dead Space remake secret ending

Want to know where to find the Marker Fragments in Dead Space? The Dead Space remake has a secret ending that you can get by finding 12 Marker Fragments in New Game Plus. However, finding these Fragments isn’t easy, as they’re hidden in the darkest corners of the USG Ishimura. If you want to see the secret ending for yourself, then we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to get the secret ending in Dead Space. We’ll then help you find each of the Marker Fragments that you’ll need.

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How to get the Dead Space secret ending

To get the secret ending in the Dead Space remake, you must collect all 12 Marker Fragments in New Game Plus.

This means you must first beat the main campaign, and then run through it again while hunting for these extra collectibles.

Use our Dead Space walkthrough if you need help making your way through the campaign.

Dead Space Marker Fragments locations

Dead Space image showing a close up of Isaac Clarke wearing his helmet.

After completing Dead Space and starting a New Game Plus, you must run through the entire campaign again and find all of the Marker Fragments.

Marker Fragments are scattered across the USG Ishimura, and are found in almost every chapter. Once you’ve collected them, you must then take them to Captain Mathius’ Office in the Executive Quarters and place the Fragments on their respective pedestals.

The Executive Quarters is a location that you’ll visit during Chapter 10, and is connected to the Central Nexus of the Crew Deck.

Below, we’ll list where to find each of the Dead Space Marker Fragments:

  1. In Chapter 1, head to the room where you find the Data Board for the main quest. There, you will spot a purple light on a nearby shelf. Melee the shelf to reveal your first Marker Fragment.
  2. In Chapter 2, head to the Medical Research Wing and take the lift down to the lower level. There, enter Dr Kyne’s Office and move the shelves using your Kinesis module to find a mysterious hidden room, within which there is another Marker Fragment.
  3. In Chapter 3, head to the Engine Room and look behind the power socket to find the third Marker Fragment.
  4. In Chapter 4, take the elevator from the Main Atrium to Floor 3. Enter the Electrical Systems corridor and head into the Break Room on the right to find the fourth Marker.
  5. In Chapter 5, you return to Medical and will access Mercer’s Office during the main story. When you enter, you’ll find the fifth Marker Fragment on a desk.
  6. Later in Chapter 5, you will enter Cryogenics. Look on top of the pod where you find Liquid Nitrogen (and also freeze the Hunter). Walk around the edge until you spot the Marker Fragment sitting on top.
  7. In Chapter 6, you explore Hydroponics. As you pass into the East Grow Chamber from the Hydroponics Control Room, turn right and fly up to the top corner of the room to find another Marker Fragment.
  8. In Chapter 7, you will find Dallas' RIG on the Mining Deck. This grants you Security Clearance level 3. Immediately after, head out of the room where you found the RIG and follow the corridor past the elevator to find a previously-locked security door that you can now open. You’ll find the seventh Marker Fragment on a shelf inside.
  9. In Chapter 8, head to the Comms Array Room where you use connection pieces to power the Central Node, look for the big control panel. Turn left until you see the wall where Necromorph tendrils have burst through and fly over to find another Marker Fragment amongst the growth.
  10. In Chapter 10, you head to the Deluxe Quarters of the Ishimura. Next to the tendril weak point that you destroy for your main objective, you’ll find the Deluxe Quiet Bunks. Head in and grab the power core, and then take it back into the corridor and insert it into the nearby socket. You can then use a circuit breaker to divert power to the doors. Turn left from the circuit breaker and go into the Central Nexus, and then take an immediate right to enter a previously-locked room. You’ll find the Marker Fragment inside.
  11. Later in Chapter 10, you will reach the Chief Steward’s Office and officially meet Dr Kyne. When Kyne leaves, head into the room where he was previously stood. You’ll find a Marker Fragment hidden on a desk inside.
  12. In Chapter 11, enter the Cargo Bay using the lift. You’ll find yourself in the corner of the room. Head to the opposite corner (the far corner of the Cargo Bay) to find the last Marker Fragment on a shelf.

After collecting all twelve Marker Fragments, head back to Captain Mathius' Office in the Executive Quarters and place them on the ritual table. You must do this before leaving the Ishimura at the end of Chapter 11.

Then, simply beat Dead Space to get the secret ending.

What happens in the Dead Space secret ending?

The secret ending in the Dead Space remake doesn’t change anything gameplay-wise - there’s no secret boss or new areas. Instead, it replaces the final cutscene with something a bit more sinister, and it actually ties into the plot of Dead Space 2.

For those who really want to know more, we’ll detail the secret ending below. If you want to see it for yourself, look away now! Spoilers for Dead Space’s original ending, the secret ending, and a plot point from Dead Space 2 follow. You’ve been warned!

The Dead Space remake is being developed by EA's Motive Studios, and releases on January 27th, 2023.

In the secret ending, Isaac still leaves Aegis VII after defeating the Hive Mind. However, rather than seeing a vision of Nicole’s corpse in the passenger seat as in the original ending, Isaac speaks to Nicole.

He seems to believe that she is still alive (and has a very creepy smile). She asks if they can go home, but Isaac replies “Soon, I promise. Gotta build a little something first”.

This relates to Dead Space 2, in which it is revealed that Isaac was manipulated to build another Marker unknowingly. This ending seems to indicate that Isaac himself planned to build a replica, while still under the influence of the original Marker.

The only other difference is that Isaac is not wearing his helmet throughout the secret ending, whereas he takes it off during the original ending cutscene. In the secret ending, the helmet is damaged on the floor behind him, presumably because the Marker makes Isaac very mean.

That wraps up our guide on where to find the 12 Marker Fragments for the Dead Space secret ending. For more on Dead Space, take a look at hardware editor James' thoughts on how the remake makes it even scarier. For our full thoughts on this remade horror classic, take a look at our Dead Space review.

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