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Tired of remakes? Check out this chunky PSX-style Dead Space Demake

No tank controls here

Remakes are all the rage these days. It feels like every classic from Resident Evil 4 to Final Fantasy 7 is getting a shiny facelift, reimagining the polygonal blocks from yesteryear and turning them into scarily realistic blockbusters. But, every so often I get an itch. An itch to go back in time to my low-detail-graphics childhood, sitting on the floor, looking up at a squared CRT. And that’s what a good demake is for; specifically, the Dead Space Demake.

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Indie dev Fraser Brumley has been working on a PS1-style demake of the action-horror, and it looks very cool. A short 1-minute clip shows off one of the opening rooms from Dead Space, complete with the jittery camera, muffled sound effects, and low poly assets that you’d expect. Isaac’s plasma cutter returns, though, so you can still cut off the necromorph’s detachable limbs. Just don’t expect to see their stringy flesh pull apart in the remake’s next-gen detail.

If Dead Space Demake does ever release, it’s funny to think we’ll be getting three versions of the same game, with the sensibilities of three different generations. If you’re in the mood to slay contorted aliens with modern bells and whistles (and by that I mean realistic renderings of rotting flesh) then this year’s Dead Space remake is an excellent shout. Liam loved it, saying it was “luxuriously improved in small but considered ways.”

Otherwise, if you’re content with the classics, there are a ton of swell demakes you can lay your eyes on right now. The Witness was similarly demade in 8-bit fashion, turning the beautiful island into a top-down Old Zelda-esque map. Then there’s the big daddy of demakes: Bloodborne PSX - also the only Bloodborne on PC, for now. Ed found Bloodborne PSX to be a smart, albeit chunkier, take on a Fromsoft classic.

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