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Grim R(EA)per: The Sims 2 Online Services Ending

The Sims 2 held on longer than most, but as with all games from EA the moment they're launched they're on the road to having all support sliced off. In this case, EA are giving the game that once ruled every PC sales chart a viking burial, without the viking part. They're cutting off the online services of The Sims 2 and on January 14th, which is my birthday. Way to ruin the global celebrations, EA!

Looking down the list of games that EA have recently set on the path to doom, most are only about two years old.

January 14, 2013 -- Online Services Shutdown

The Sims 2 for PC/MAC and

January 11, 2013 -- Online Services Shutdown

FIFA Soccer 11 for PC, PS3, Wii & Xbox 360
FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360
Madden NFL 11 for PS3, Wii & Xbox 360
Madden NFL 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360
NBA JAM for PS3 & Xbox 360
NBA LIVE 10 for PS3 & Xbox 360
NCAA Football 11 for PS3 & Xbox 360
NHL 11 for PS3 & Xbox 360
NHL 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360

January 3, 2013 -- Online Services Shutdown

FIFA Manager 11 for PC

That's not a stellar list by any definition, but there's a principle to consider: a huge chunk of functionality has just been wiped out, and EA will support games for two years before contemplating if they're obsolete. Does that go for games that are only online? What happens to the people playing the newest SimCity if EA decides there aren't enough players for them to bother? What amount of player investment is needed for a game to carry on?

It seems contrary to the spirit of the PC as a legacy platform. Microsoft, for every hideous thing they've done to the PC, still show a token level of support for their old games. If you're not being as good as Microsoft, EA, you need to worry.

Remember when you used to be fun?

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