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Conan Roars Secrets Of Dragon's Spine, Pushes Wheel

Cats and babies share a thought pattern. Whatever situation they're currently in, they assume will be the basis for their existence forever. Whether hungry, or shut in a cupboard, they will wail because they believe this is what life is now, and everything they can't currently see or experience is gone for all eternity. (Everyone puts babies in a cupboard sometimes.) This also describes me, in almost all my thinking, including with MMOs. If I'm not playing them, or constantly having their every cough and burp BELLOWED at me by the entire gaming press, then they might as well have been taken offline. In other news, there's a Conan update.

Age Of Conan's latest expansion is The Secrets Of The Dragon's Spine, where "Hurried excavations are underway to uncover the lost treasures of the ancient culture of the Serpent Men." In it is a new area called Dragon's Spine, because that is what new areas in fantasy worlds must be called, along with a new dungeon bearing the name The Sepulcher Of The Wyrm, because obviously it would be. This is all aimed at high level players, and looks a lot like this:

Cover image for YouTube video

However, I should warn you, there are also "fears that the alluring and corrupting power of the Emerald Lotus may re-emerge", so you might want to give it some thought before you rush in. We also hear rumours "of even darker powers dwelling beneath the Dragon's Spine", although some are arguing that this is just its bottom.

It looks rather gorgeous in the screenshots - there's not much detail in the video to really judge it moving, however.

Age Of Conan: Unchained, is, of course, free now. However, access to this new content requires that you be a "premium player", which costs some money per month. How much? They go to some lengths to hide this information from you on their website, but finally after agreeing to download the flipping client I found a link. It's £10 a month, or £70 for a year, with scaled offers between.

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