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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Blacklisted From Pre-Aug Months

Have you been eagerly awaiting Sam Fisher's sneaky, skulky return from wherever he's been for the past few years? Well, how do you know he's not already right in your living room? I mean, this man's a near-future ninja. Look closely: are you sure that's a lamp, and not a disarmingly spry geriatric infiltration machine with a lampshade expertly positioned atop his head? Here, let's run a test. Try turning it on. Is the general bulbular region made up of three green lights? Also, did it kill you? Congratulations! You found Sam. Unfortunately, however, it looks like the rest of us are gonna have to wait, as Ubisoft's sent Splinter Cell: Blacklist behind August's all-too-distant frontlines. A delay heralding trailer's after the break, courtesy of IGN.

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Wait, no, sorry. Still Splinter Cell. Most presidents (Andrew Jackson aside) hardly even execute brutal stealth takedowns on half that many men. But yes, Blacklist continues to look distinctly more Chaos-Theory-y than Conviction in many places, though who's to say Ubi's not just focusing on one or two levels for the sake of scoring a few brownie points from diehards? Time will tell.

More time now, as a matter of fact. August 20th's the new date - a semi-lengthy hop, skip, and ceiling-pipe-shimmy from the previous window of "spring" - but at least it's concrete. Admittedly, that's far from a guarantee against another slip (especially on PC), but it's something. Hopefully, I'll get to see Sam soon. Unless he's so sneaky that he's already knocked me out, thrown me in a broom closet, and-- oh! Duh. Wow, I feel so silly now. Yep: The brooms. Me currently being unconscious. Gosh, why didn't I see all the signs sooner? How embarrassing.

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