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Spam Fisher: Another Splinter Cell: Blacklist Video

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is basically Splinter Cell: Conviction 2. I spent a few hours with it last week and came to that conclusion, but I'm not allowed to say anything else. The NDA is watching me. That's not a complaint, btw. I really enjoyed Conviction, and more of that will do me just fine. Anyway, I also think it's obvious from the videos they've released that Blacklist is sitting on Conviction's shoulders. There's a bit in the video below where Sam has to break cover and chase the boss of a terrorist cell, which is one of the previous game's more annoying additions to the series. They've brought the bad with the good.

This isn't actually a very good representation of what I played: they've once again chosen to focus on the explosive (ramming a gas plant with a tanker is hilariously OTT) and the generic (hooray, a warehouse!); the game I played had some really interesting locations, and I could happily sneak through them. In fact, a fair few of them demanded stealth. I very nearly didn't write about the trailer, but there's a sequence with a heavy guard and a sticky camera that won me over. It's so stupid that it instantly made me want to try it.

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I promise to write up my thoughts before the August 23rd release date. I have things to say about Sam's upgradeable pants.

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