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Sneak A Peek At Project Stealth 

A wealth of stealth

It was way back in 2011 when RPS last covered Project Stealth, and even then Jim was commenting on how the previous video was released in 2009. That's a long time for a game to make no visible progress. This should have been on my PC yearrrrrs ago. The promise is there, but they've yet to deliver the re-imagining of Splinter Cell's Spy Vs Merc multiplayer mode that the original project was set-up to be. Thanks to an anonymous tip, written in invisible ink, on an exploding microfilm, I can tell you they're still alive. The website has relaunched, with a few new screens and some information about where the game's been all this time.

According to the site: "We've worked with volunteers for seven years. This didn't work as well as we'd hoped. We're currently looking for funding opportunities to hire fulltime programmers and artists to get you the game within a year of meeting the funding goal. Of course, reality will probably be different."

I'm not sure how they can hope to sell a game that's a complete remake of a Splinter Cell mode without Ubisoft looking the other way, perhaps at a squirrel's puffy tail. I feel a bit sorry for them: between the original announcement and now, Ubisoft has released their own version of the mode in Blacklist, remaking the classic asymmetrical multiplayer game and updating it. What's left to do?

Okay. Chin up time: these screenshots were apparently made in Unreal Engine 4. Little hint, guys: next time, at least fiddle a little with the radar positions.

Thanks for the jade monkey, PCG.

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