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Unlock Your Inner Lansbury: Steam Guides Are Out

The gaming guide is something of a lost art form. Back in the day, they were the only way to find out how to get past that bloody goat in Broken Sword, aside from phoning Uncle Charles and asking him on his goat hotline. Now it's all Google, Youtube, wikis, or skywriters. You can't look at a sunset without the best StarCraft 2 build orders getting in the way. Valve are as angry as I am at those damn pilots, and have just un-betafied their newest Steam Community creation: Steam Guides.

Now everyone can give their opinion on how to best tackle a [thing] in [a game], with the built in Steam tools. They're generally a bit more media packed than the plain-text GameFaqs, and you can't CTRL-F a Youtube walkthrough, can you? They're also community rated, so you can't troll anyone without the gaggle of gamers tramping over your unfunny lulz. How useful are they thus far? This guide has all the publicly released Borderlands 2 Shift keys. They generate Golden Keys that let you open the Special Weapon Locker at sanctuary, delivering untold wealth in epic weapons. I have quite a few, now.

There are more involved guides, obviously. This is a highly-rated Red Orchestra 2 guide, which is handy as I'm just about to get into it. I'll bet the writer felt a bit like this when he was done.

Watch on YouTube

Guides will live within Steam's community discussions, as a tab. You just head to whatever game you want to learn about, and click the tab.

What else do you thing Steam needs? A download manager is high on my list.

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