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Voice City: Interesting NPCs Invigorates Skyrim's NPCs

I don't know who the head of Bethesda is. I'll assume it's John Bethesda Softworks. Hello, Mr Bethesda Softworks! Mind if I call you John? Nope. Grand. I have an idea for you: crowd-source the content for next Elder Scrolls. Calm down, John. Stop throwing things and hear me out. I know your games are lorey love letters to the world you created with Adrian Elder Scrolls, but things are moving on. Fans of games don't need developers, just tools and assets to make their own game. You could spend all your time churning out huts and swords, and leave it to the people to make something from it. I have proof: this Skyrim mod Interesting NPCs adds over 100 new NPCS to the game, with over 90 of them voiced by actors.

Now I know the next question you have, John. The answer is they're as good as the people you paid money for to mangle the "arrow to the knee" line. The next answer is that 50 people have so far given up their time for free to bring life to these integrated characters dropped into the Skyrim world. Each has a backstory and loads of dialogue that applies specifically to the additional quests that the mod drops in. Heck, there are even location specific lines for followers. This all adds up to over 20,000 new lines of wordage. There's 15 minutes of moving screenshots and sound below, and I assure you that's just a tiny amount of the work that's been done. And there's even more planned.

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Via Kotaku.

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