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Render Woman: Dream of the Blood Moon

Horror has a new name, and it is Slender Man. That's quite an old name now, really, but tell that to three hundred thousand different Slender games on the App Store, across Moddb and whatever scripts are inevitably being optioned in Hollywoodland. Free Unreal-based horror game Dream of the Blood Moon, at least, adds a little more game to the OH GOD THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE TREES concept, while adding in enough strange noises and unearthly lighting to achieve to whole aaargh I don't wanna die thing too.

There's a story of sorts behind this short game, told in an exploration-based way that evokes a more direct, and puzzle-based Dear Esther. The aforementioned puzzles aren't too complicated, but do require some observational prowess and a patient, persistent attitude.

Mostly, though, it's all about the monster, which I won't be spoiling other than to warn that it's much scarier from afar than it (well, she) is close up. But, y'know, free. DOTBM definitely has something going for it in terms of mood, look and puzzleability, so turn off the lights, turn the speakers up and OH GOD WHAT WAS THAT oh it's just the cat WAIT WHY'S IT LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT OH GOD OH G-

If you don't fancy being scared and thus will resist downloading this 300MB game, why not watch this video of this ridiculous German guy playing it instead? He sings! He shouts! He yodels! He swears at nothing, at volume, for no reason! He's listening to some horrid bleepy music as he playe! Nothing could ever be frightening if you were in his company. Note: if you do intend to play the game, don't watch this video until afterwards.

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Somebody needs a lie down.

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