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Crysis 3 Spotlights The Gunnest Gun Of Them All

I do so miss the days when the majority of videogame weapons were completely outrageous. Sure, today's crop of Battlehomes and Medalfronts adore their reality-balking setpieces, but look up at their skies, and you'll see that even the sun has donned its most serious warface. Comparatively extinct, then, is the cartoony carnage of Doom's BFG - or, more recently, Painkiller's, er, painkiller. Heck, even Far Cry 3 kept its open-world madness grounded with a fairly tame arsenal. It's nice, then, to at least see its equally tear-prone cousin Crysis 3 go completely bonkers. The Typhoon apparently fires "500 bullets per second." Its alt-fire, meanwhile, looks to be some kind of flame catapult. Watch as it wreaks havoc on an icky, sticky squid swamp after the break.

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That was just silly. It reminds me of the time I created a shotgun machine-gun (yes) of near-apocalyptic caliber in Garry's Mod, which is a favorable comparison so long as you don't mind wielding a tiny god and treating fear as an entirely foreign concept.

As per always, Crytek's crafted quite an attractive-looking environment, too. The swamp looks suitably sludge-ridden and hostile - spider-webbed by weeping roots that almost seem primed to reach out and choke you - and all the optional verticality's a nice touch. That said, any semblance of spooky atmosphere Scooby-Doo-sprinted out of the room as soon as the Typhoon did its thing.

But still, if these Seven Wonders videos have proven anything, it's that Crytek's claims of environmental variety haven't just been hot air. And while I enjoyed Crysis 2 decently enough, I did feel the big city's concrete confines breathing down my neck a bit too often. So this is good news. No, it still really doesn't feel like Crysis 1 by any stretch, but oh well. Different doesn't mean bad. It just means different.

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