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Maximum Misdirection: Here's Crysis 3, But In Reverse

Watching the latest in Crysis 3's "Seven Wonders" series, I can't help but be reminded of totally amazing 7DFPS entry Vonneguts & Glory. No, Crytek's hardware-hemorrhaging squidshoot hasn't suddenly started dressing like Wolfenstein 3D, but it has slammed on the breaks and shifted into reverse for some reason. The effect is neat-looking, I suppose, but now I really just want a mega-budget backward shooter. Start at the end, un-shoot your victims and watch as they happily go home to their families, un-fire un-explosions from your un-gun, etc. Oh well, though. For now we'll just have to ponder what could've been while watching Prophet moonwalk through Wall Street. Take a peep after the break - unless, of course, real life's actually been in reverse the entire time and you already have.

So that was fun. I think the reverse leaping kick was my favorite part, because it looked the most horrendously awkward. Honestly, though, this whole thing's pretty much an exercise in all-style, no-substance. I mean, the location looks nice and open, but we pretty much only got to see Prophet traverse it in a straight line. And hey, look, we can use rocket launchers, bows, and machine guns. What a shocking revelation.

Crysis 3 will be out February 22nd. I desperately hope a rewind mod will start development on February 23rd. Or sooner. Because, you know, backwards jokes. And also because people are already developing CryEngine 3 mods. Seriously, though, of 2013's crop of slightly-brainier-than-average explosion-fests, Crysis 3's definitely one I'm watching with keen interest. I pretty much know exactly what to expect at this point, but that doesn't mean it won't be a jungle-stalking, dude-kicking good time.

Where's the official RPS BANG-BANG-KTHOOM-HMMM-HARUMPH meter falling on this one, though? Crysis 2 took some (in my opinion, not entirely justified) flack, but is Crysis 3 looking more up everyone's alley?

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