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Cannabis, Cannabalt: Drugbound

Drugbound is an attractive game in which a man runs to the right, collecting collectibles along the way and dodging obstacles by jumping over them or sliding under them. A boss eventually appears and its projectiles add an extra hazard. Unlike other endless running games, Drugbound his informed by the author's "strong political stances on the United States Drug War and the fear-based prohibition of marijuana in this country". This means, judging by the first level alone, that the collectibles are sometimes in the shape of marijuana leaves. I would play more of the free alpha and that might lead to the discovery of cunning satire but I keep crashing into things so I'm going to stop for now. You can play it right now, in your browser.

Somebody has no doubt already made a game in which the character runs endlessly to the left and I wish I'd been there on launch day to herald it as 'a brilliant subversion of the popular form that, in turning convention on its head, discovers a mode of unblinkered catharsis that speaks to the generically programmed reptilian zones of the brain in the voice of an imperious professor, encouraging even as he disputes'. Yeah.

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