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Wheelie Good News! Trials Evolution On PC In March

It's obvious that RedLynx stopped loving us. We were there for them, day and night, attending to playing their games. But then oh look who should stride in with their long legs and big, muscley arms but Microsoft, flashing their wallets and giant cars. And Trials really became an Xbox thing, leaving us staring at the space where RedLynx used to be, sobbing.

Oh, but who's this crawling back to us? Microsoft's big money and tall hats weren't everything you hoped for, eh? You think you can just waltz back in here, play with our hearts like they're days old treacle pudding? Yes, quite correct, because Trials Evolution is bloody brilliant.

As promised, Ubisoft have stood upon their mountain and trumpeted the news that a Gold Edition of the game will appear on the 22nd March. This is being ported by Ubisoft Shanghai, with RedLynx "supervising". I like to assume that means they walk up and down between the desks like exam invigilators, occasionally silencing a cough, or picking up a fallen pencil.

In it will be all of Trials Evolution, and all the tracks from Trials HD in the later game's better engine. It's also described as being optimised for PC, including,

"All of the features of its forerunners – from the in-game editor, player sharing of tracks, and global Leader Boards, will be re-integrated into the game in a way that fits the new platform."

You know, it was actually Kieron who made their break-out game, Trials 2 SE, get any attention at the time. THEY OWE US EVERYTHING. Literally, everything. I'm going to sue them for the lot. Meanwhile, here's the new trailer:

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