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GTA IV's Iron Man Mod: Now With Actual Super Powers

Oh how far we've come. Back in 2011 - which I still struggle to believe was more than one year ago, or one day, or not tomorrow - we posted about a marvelous-looking GTA IV mod that turned Niko into Iron Man. Or rather, Iron Man if he were only slightly better at flying than one of the firetrucks he's apparently wearing and barely capable of going toe-to-toe with the starvingest of hobos. Happily, however, time's been shockingly good to Rockstar's ubiquitous opus, and the Iron Man mod's no exception. In short, this is what I want the next official Iron Man game to be like. Well, you know, aside from the whole "extremely out-of-character senseless homicidal rampage" thing.

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OK, OK, fine: I'll admit that the bit with the hotdog man made me chortle with just as much mirth as any of Robert Downey Jr's superpowered snark. So yes, this mod - a product of the impressively talented "H1Vltg3" - looks like incredibly silly fun. There's some really nice detail in there too, though. I mean, the sound effects are spot-on, as are most of the poses - especially that landing. Oh, and the way the camera pulls back as Iron Man soars? Very nice. I'm continually amazed that professionals behind adaptations of properties like these don't pick up on those essential little things, but then, who better to nail the feel of being a superhero than a super-fan?

For the full Iron Man But Sans Even The Slightest Morsel Of Human Decency experience, you'll need two files: the suit and all of its completely ridiculous powers. Install them as per the instructions on each page, and you should be good to go. So, right then: we now have good Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man things. Naturally, I can only hope Aquaman's next.

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