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Benchmark Your PC With Giant Cats And Dubstep

The list of things cats can do: lick their genitals, preen, fight off bears, and benchmark your PC with dubstep. That last one is SO a thing. Remember those programs that would use pretty graphics and scenes of games that didn't exist to test out how powerful your graphics card is? Well the best one ever has just come out. Allbenchmark's Catzilla shows Godzilla-sized cats battling armies and each other. The video below is life changing.

This is it. There's no going back once you hit the play button. Life is all downhill from here. Are you sure you want to? I'm giving you an out right now. Kitten cam is nowhere near as spectacular as this, and it won't tell you how many frames-per-second your new graphics card can manage, but it's more sedate and less reality breaking. And you'll melt at the fuzzies.

The demo can be downloaded, with the free version testing out things up to 720p. Not much use for a desktop, but it's netbook and laptop friendly. I just ran it and got anywhere between 35fps to 120fps. All it did was to remind me that 30fps isn't all that bad. Not when cats are battling it out and knocking buildings down. I have one complaint, and it's that when the cats met to fight, they didn't do that thing where they try and look big. This benchmark could do with a little bit of cat knowledge, frankly.

Via Eurogamer.

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