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Shrugging At Atlases: MechWarrior Tactics' Closed Beta

Mech. When you hear that word, what are the first couple things that spring to mind? "Big" is probably one, right? And the other? It's almost assuredly "rebel." I mean, just look at them. They clearly don't give a goddamn about you or your rules. So MechWarrior Tactics is some kind of crazy bizarro world spin on traditional videogame rocket-'em, sock-'em robotery. In this strange alternate dimension, multiple mechs do everything you tell them, and they're tiny widdle babies! I mean, I could just eat them up. It would cause me inconceivable amounts of pain, but I could do it. At any rate, Tactics' closed beta just kicked off. Do you want in? OK, let me rephrase that: Do you between-$20-and-$120 want in? Well then, proceed past the break for brain-enriching infobolt.

Like MechWarrior Online before it, MechWarrior Tactics is opening up its closed beta via a Founder's Program. It's a three-tiered to-do, and - depending on how many perks strike your fancy - you could end up plunking down quite a bit for your strategic ker-plunking. In short, though, the $20, $50, and $120 packages vary based on amount of in-game currency you're given, special "Seventh Kommando" mechs and mech parts, and premium account access (either one month or two) - which speeds up XP and currency gain.

All founders, however, gain access to the closed beta immediately, but remember: it's still pretty early. Roadhouse notes that you should expect regular data wipes and problems of varying severity. Also, at the moment, it's limited to 1v1 asynchronous matches where both players take turns swapping moves at their leisure. If you'd like to know a bit more, there's an FAQ to bring you up to speed.

So then, mechses! Hexes! Tactics! Collectible card game and tabletop elements! Are you excited? If so, is it because of the game or my egregious overuse of exclamation points?

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