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EVIL BOX! Dreadline Footage Appears In Kickstarter Vid

Remember Dreadline? It's the RPG/RTS from an indie studio - Eerie Canal - including former Freedom Force/BioShock developers. It caught our eye last May, simply by its premise: a group of time travelling monsters who visit key moments of history to, well, kill people. You play as the monsters. This is a Good Idea. In the time since we've heard very little, but along with the inevitable Kickstarter, there's now footage of the game in motion, and it really has met the promise of authentically rendering its distinctive, scratchy drawings.

The footage appears within the pitch video, but it's a goodun so that shouldn't bother you any.

So what you've got here is a programmer from Freedom Force, who was also lead programmer on Titan Quest, along with another former Looking Glass, wanting to make a new RPG/RTS. That seems like a tick in quite a few boxes. $167,000 is a big target, but clearly not an enormous one. Although it's a week old without any updates, so they really need to pull their finger out there.

You can read much more about the game, and Eerie Canal's plans for it, in our interview with the team from last year. And there's a smidgeon more footage here:

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