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Insane Torchlight II Mod Adds New Class, Monsters, Raids

When you played through Torchlight II, did it feel like something was - I don't know - missing? Wait, for real? Because there was a whole, whole lot of stuff in Runic's brilliant sophomore slasher (read that phrase again; videogame lingo is weird sometimes, you guys), so I was mostly joking for the purposes of introducing this sentence: Torchlight II was a glorious loot pinata explosion of glowy, sparkly, monster-y things, but a positively mad mod team has decided to add more anyway. Heaps more. A new Necromancer class, 108 Elite monsters, 28 raid dungeons, a new hub, and new quest lines. And that (available right now) is only the beginning of a plan so absurdly grandiose that it may as well be the sun to vanilla Torchlight II's tiny disposable travel bag flashlight.

Quite a potent necromancer, no? He comes with 30 new skills, a charge bar, and his own set of legendary armor, too, so this isn't just a new class in name alone. As for everything else in this particular package, well, brace yourself. You know when people practically coat refrigerators in magnets of big, brightly colored numbers? Well, catch.

"SynergiesMOD is a complete conversion for Torchlight 2. Adding 108 Elite monsters, 6 Rare dragons, 28 Raid dungeons, 11 unique World Bosses, 4 Sets of Legendary Armor, 16 new Tier-1 Legendary Weapons, brand new Quest lines, a new World hub for ACT5, and a whole new class: The Necromancer. Future plans include 24 planned Classes, 3 more Raid Dungeon chains, 2 Quest hubs, 2 more ACTS of overworld play, 3 more Legendary Armor sets, a second tier of legendary weapons, as well as fleshing out the tier1 weapons with more options."

24 classes. I have no idea whether or not these people can actually pull it off, but more power to them. And honestly, look at what they've already achieved - sans any sort of official mod tools, no less.

So SynergiesMOD is quite the thing, and the remainder of its planned content is apparently in "aggressive" development. I hope that means they're punching their keyboards and hurling very insults words at one another. That said, I also hope it means, you know, they'll actually get it done - and not swerve into the ditch of dysfunction that is mod purgatory. We have concrete reason to be optimistic, though. That's better than can be said for a lot of mods, if you ask me.

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