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Second Wind: Treasure Adventure Game Being Rebuilt

Remember Treasure Adventure Game? Come now, don't make me roll up a copy of Adam's brief yet glowing appraisal and beat you over the nose with it. You have a very attractive nose. Since I cherish its Greek-sculpture-like beauty, I suppose I'll eschew punishment and just tell you it was a peaceful, pleasant explorer jetted with jolts of high-seas derring-do. TAG was, however, also a labor of low-budget love, so it took a hit or two in the scope and scale department. But no more. Robit and Chucklefish (two gaming companies, in spite of names that suggest they're actually a comedic noir future mystery-solving duo) are gutting TAG, starting from scratch with a gorgeous new art style, and rechristening the whole thing Treasure Adventure World. It looks quite scrumptious. Have a gander after the break.

Yep, that's a gander, alright. And now, here's the debut trailer of Treasure Adventure World.

So then, aside from the art style, what's actually changing? Well, these things, mostly:

  • New engine - smoother gameplay, HD widescreen mode
  • High-res, hand-drawn art - Christine Crossley is the sole artist bringing the pixelated world of TAG into the beautiful world of HD
  • New music and sound by Robert Ellis
  • More treasures and collectibles, remixed puzzles and new equipment
  • Improvements to enemy AI, more intense boss fights.
  • Enhanced story - more tightly focused story, intriguing cutscenes, charming NPCs and new multiple endings

In other words, it'll be more of the same Crayola-colored cavorting, but bigger and (presumably) better - heaving with a pregnant belly of treasures. And perhaps also adventures. I think that's actually a fairly safe guess on my part, all things considered.

So yes, between Treasure Adventure Game's rock-solid foundation and the fact that co-developer Chucklefish is best known for the equally promising-looking Starbound, there's quite a bit to be excited about here. Are you feeling all tingly about it? Be honest, now. Don't worry. Your nose is safe. I promise.

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