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Hi Seas, Lo Fidelity:Treasure Adventure Game

Gold bullion! Pieces of eight! Booty in unimaginable quantities! All these things and more await in free open world platformer Treasure Adventure Game. It's a rather self-explanatory title, like if David Cameron went by the name Laminate-Face Eton Man or Richard Branson was simply called Money Beard. TAG, as I'm calling it, is the first release from Robit Studios, which appears to be a fellow by the name of Stephen Orlando. There's a downloadable beta available now and the finished release should be available next weekend. For free! The simple aesthetic and emphasis on exploration remind me of Knytt but there are plenty of baddies to fight as well. It says so right there in the trailer, which is buried beneath the X below.

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I've only played for a little while but it's charmed the pegleg off me. I'm supposed to be playing big, important games that are probably quadruple A titles but I'd rather spend a few hours adventuring for treasure. Global communications are all well and good, but this is the sort of pleasant discovery the internet was invented for.

Download the beta here.

Via IndieGameMagazine.

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