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Rebuilding A City Of Heroes: The Phoenix Project

One of the more miserable gaming events of last year was the closure of City of Heroes. The end of an entire world does tend to be a sad affair for those involved and even onlookers might find themselves touched by the extinction of all those lovely data-denizens. While the urban heroes may have fallen for good, Gamerzines have spotted The Phoenix Project, which aims to rise from the City's smouldering remains. Missing Worlds Media is a "community based game studio", made up of members of Titan Network's 'Save City of Heroes' forum, among others. Their intention is clear - they want to build a new comic book world packed with heroes and villains, and they want you to be a part of it.

There's not a lot to see yet but I've been entertained by the site's avoidance of any direct reference to City of Heroes.

"Will you be creating a Spiritual Succesor to a beloved Comics Universe Game?"

What other worlds could Missing Worlds Media rebuild for us? I miss my college, which the council bulldozed so that they could build some fancy houses a few years ago. I did make a Quake 2 level based on the layout to keep it alive in my memory but it'd be more realistic if I could sit in the library listening to the Manics and doodling A4-sized teenage rebellion rather than shooting Strogg.

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